The Right Kinds Of Foods

Eggs, butter, potatoes, & onions. That’s a typical ‘go-to’ breakfast for me when I want to lose a little fat. That’s right: lose, not ‘hold steady’ or gain. Typically the only things that make me gain fat are eating out repeatedly and/or consuming alcohol. If I want to gain muscle, then I just eat moreContinue reading “The Right Kinds Of Foods”

When’s the last time you got on the scale?

When’s the last time you got on the scale? If even thinking about this question makes you uncomfortable, I’d like to point out a few things: You are not alone, and you are not broken. Whatever the reasons that you might be uncomfortable with your body or your weight right now, they serve a purpose.Continue reading “When’s the last time you got on the scale?”

Weight Gain & Loss: Whole Milk

Old school bodybuilders drank a lot of whole milk. I’m talking about a gallon a day. These guys were not built like some of the bodybuilders you may have seen today. They weren’t overly striated with 2% body fat. They were sculpted, as if out of marble, and they were farm strong. They could liftContinue reading “Weight Gain & Loss: Whole Milk”

Weight Gain & Loss: Getting Bigger than Average

If you’re looking to get bigger, you’ll need to be serious about your nutrition. One thing that works (for me) is preparing my workout smoothie the night before. It has a twofold benefit: (1) It saves time in the morning. (2) It eliminates the option to skip a workout; I hate throwing out unused food.Continue reading “Weight Gain & Loss: Getting Bigger than Average”