How To Reach The One Person Who Needs You

The answer lies in the power of networks. It’s been bugging me since I started blogging. In several recent & older posts, I’ve hypothesized how to deliver mental health treatment to those who need it. Some reach out but can’t get it, some aren’t aware of it, and others avoid it. ‘You can’t save everyone’ youContinue reading “How To Reach The One Person Who Needs You”

Should We Employ Cyber Security In Suicide Prevention?

I began this mini-series of posts exploring what to do if you read something suicidal online from someone you know well, or, not so well. This is the real question that I want to tackle: What can, and what should, the government do? There is no doubt that this question cannot be answered in oneContinue reading “Should We Employ Cyber Security In Suicide Prevention?”

You Have A Lot To Learn

“You have a lot to learn.” Sounds crass, no? It’s not the statement of fact that’s the problem – it’s the fact of the statement that bothers us. Hence, we take it as an insult. You, and I, do have a lot to learn, and I don’t just mean French or canasta. I’ve been helpingContinue reading “You Have A Lot To Learn”

Collecting Internet Dust

“I think Facebook should advertise itself as a memorial service for the living. It makes the present feel as if it is instantaneously collecting dust.” – Carrie Brownstein, ‘You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Song‘ Aside from the fact that I admire the quote & the article (by the way, Brownstein is co-creator ofContinue reading “Collecting Internet Dust”

Do We Need 1 More Website?

More media (books, television shows, movies, e-magazines, journals, videos, songs, etc.) will be continue to published at a rate faster than we can consume it. All of this media will cover more topics, or, cover the same topics in more ways. For example, a topic that I will publish on is mental illness.  I’ve mentioned myContinue reading “Do We Need 1 More Website?”

I’m Back! (Update)

Fingers crossed, once I click publish, you should receive your first email from me since November 28th. It’s been longer than I’d hoped but the blog migration is done. I couldn’t stand to be out of touch for a week! I wasn’t really gone; I continued writing and posting daily. It is just that myContinue reading “I’m Back! (Update)”

Will I Be Banned From Tweeting?

Dear @Twitter, Am I required to keep following people who are not interested in connecting with me? After being temporarily suspended the other day, I am now paralyzed with fear. I was aggressively churning, and that was wrong. I apologize. My intention was not to create a negative experience for anyone else. I copied aboutContinue reading “Will I Be Banned From Tweeting?”

The 2 Millimeter Killer

I’ve read about turning off ‘push’ notifications before, but I hadn’t tried it. That little 2 millimeter  bar (I measured) exerts power over you, but you may not realize it. You probably go get your eyes checked, if you wear glasses or contacts, once a year. Less if you don’t. Yet you strain to read somethingContinue reading “The 2 Millimeter Killer”

How To Detect Trash Before You Write It + An Idea

If I had remembered these three quotes thirty minutes ago, I would have saved myself the time of typing up a rational, convincing, safe, five hundred word post that is now trash. Your first mistake might be assuming that people are rational. – Seth Godin You can’t convince anyone of anything. – James Altucher IContinue reading “How To Detect Trash Before You Write It + An Idea”

4 Rules I Learned Growing Up

These 4 things are true: If we don’t speak up in class, we’ll never be wrong. If we don’t tell our story, nobody can make fun of us. If we don’t pay our taxes, society will crumble. If we don’t fight in wars, we’ll go to jail. It’s easy to do what we’re told, andContinue reading “4 Rules I Learned Growing Up”