Your Full Potential

The potential of your Vitality corresponds directly to the power of your Depression. I capitalize those phrases because they are two sides of the same coin; they are the opposite of each other, but they are also connected. I mentioned yesterday that I revitalized my life. Carl Jung once said that “No tree, it isContinue reading “Your Full Potential”

Vitality & Love

First post on the new ‘Vitalize Your Life’ Facebook page. Welcome to all new & old readers, and happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day in the ‘traditional’ way or not, there most certainly is a connection between love, vitality, and your health worth examining. So what is this ‘Vitalize Your Life’ thing? WhatContinue reading “Vitality & Love”

What Does ‘Vitality’ Mean To Me?

This morning I would just like to take a minute and define for you what ‘vitality’ means to me. Vitality is your life energy. Sometimes it’s referred to as Qi or Chi. It goes by other names in other cultures. I often use the imagery and language of fire to describe vitality. The stronger yourContinue reading “What Does ‘Vitality’ Mean To Me?”

The Magic Wand

My wand works with my kids every time. I turn them into frogs, bugs, puppies, dragons, knights, and peanut-butter sandwiches every day. Would I love to wave my magic wand and erase the stigma associated with depression and suicide? Of course. No one should feel ashamed to talk about those things, or to ask for help.Continue reading “The Magic Wand”

The Flip-Side Of Depression

I’ve written extensively that trying to hold back your thoughts and emotions can lead to depression. First comes helplessness. Then hopelessness. Finally, despair. At that point, you’re probably in a depression and, suicide is the unfortunately common response to the problem. There’s a flip-side to that path. We are emotional beings. Emotions work in both directions.Continue reading “The Flip-Side Of Depression”

Why You Should Fight For Your Emotions

What Is The Absence Of Emotion? How angry does that inconsiderate driver make you? How about your boss? How about that person who mugged your sister? Emotions are difficult to define because they exist on a spectrum. The spectrum runs from zero (or, almost zero) to infinity. Imagine a depressed person on the far leftContinue reading “Why You Should Fight For Your Emotions”

Let’s Talk About Vitality

What is Vitality? Vitality is the feeling of being alive, and of being able to experience emotions, connections, and meaning. Depression is the complete absence of vitality. When I wrote yesterday that I have been ‘depression-free’ for ten years, that does not mean for ten years I have been full of vitality. When Did I RegainContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Vitality”