How To Make Friends With Failure

I want to share something with you which I’ve learned from more four-hundred consecutive daily posts on this blog. Many friends and family asked me, in different ways, ‘Why? Why do you blog? How many people are reading it? Who is reading it? What is the purpose? What is the end game?’ In over oneContinue reading “How To Make Friends With Failure”

How To Articulate What You Believe

Yesterday post was a slight twist on Bernadette Jiwa’s exercise which she calls “The Value Proposition Hack.” It’s an exercise that you should try. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger; try filling in the blanks for anything that you do. It’s not easy, but, if you can’t articulate what you believe in, orContinue reading “How To Articulate What You Believe”

How To Get Paid By Giving Away Free Value

In the past year, there are three successful people to whom I have subscribed. I religiously read their materials. I buy their books when they are released. In each case, at one time or another, through various channels, I reached out to these three people. Generally it was because they wrote something that helped meContinue reading “How To Get Paid By Giving Away Free Value”

Why You Shouldn’t Dismiss Social Media For Your Business

Are you skeptical that ‘social media’ can grow your business? There is a lot of fluff out there, and it’s difficult to sift through. The easy thing to do is tell yourself: I’m never going to ______ . (insert verb that you despise such as: tweet, blog, tumble, +1, or like) It takes too much time toContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Dismiss Social Media For Your Business”

The Price of Admission

You could get thousands of ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ with a few clicks, and perhaps a few dollars. On the other hand, no amount of money, no social media tactic, can get one person to care about you or your product. I believe this is true whether you run a blue-collar business, bipolar blog, or big bank.Continue reading “The Price of Admission”