Responding To Anonymous Posts Indicating Self-Harm

I mentioned yesterday that picking up the phone to call someone you know is the best first course of action. What should you do when someone you know ‘online’ – but you don’t know their real name – indicates imminent self-harm? We’re getting into a subset of people here (bloggers, message board members, etc.) thatContinue reading “Responding To Anonymous Posts Indicating Self-Harm”

The 1st Thing You Should Do After Reading Suicidal Social Media

¬†Why do you need to think about this stuff? You’re probably not a person who is about to commit suicide. You’re probably not a therapist or trained professional in dealing with suicide. You probably don’t drive past a potential suicide attempt every day on the way to work. You could just call 911, or DuckDuckGoContinue reading “The 1st Thing You Should Do After Reading Suicidal Social Media”