The Only Reason People Were Willing To Help My Business

So, what is this ‘new direction’ I told you about yesterday? I’m going to tell you stories about my business that I’ve been afraid to, about all of my failures. I’ve had many successes too; I’ll share some of those as well. But I’ve had enough failures that it’s time to start making something usefulContinue reading “The Only Reason People Were Willing To Help My Business”

How Sharing Saved My Life

The first baby step I took from wanting to die, towards ‘maybe not wanting to die a little bit’, was the result of sharing. I’ve shared often since that day.  I shared with therapists, family, and friends. Years later, I arrived at a very happy place in life. I got married and had two wonderful kids. ThenContinue reading “How Sharing Saved My Life”

Its Your Right To Be Happy

I don’t believe that pretending is a part of happiness, but also I don’t believe that you ever have to pretend. When pretend how we’re really feeling, or how much money we’re making, or how advanced our child is, or that our wife didn’t commit suicide; we are merely putting on a ‘happy’ face. Every timeContinue reading “Its Your Right To Be Happy”

How To Reach Someone At The Bottom, Maybe.

Once, I was put on academic probation for failing all of my classes, and summoned to meet a panel of (presumably deans?) so that they could evaluate me. I never went to the meeting. It was set for early one morning, around 9:30 AM, or something like that. I thought about going and explaining myself,Continue reading “How To Reach Someone At The Bottom, Maybe.”

What Will My Harshest Critics Say?

“You weren’t depressed. You were just a kid looking for an excuse to escape and party. You were afraid of the real world. You couldn’t face up to your problems, and you couldn’t find a way out, so you took the easiest way out; you ran away and tried to kill yourself. You had every opportunity and advantageContinue reading “What Will My Harshest Critics Say?”

How To Build A Wall Of Love

When I was depressed, I manipulated the world around me to in order suit my depression. To be clear, this is not a declaration of causality. I didn’t give myself depression. What I did was, feed it. For whatever reason, (generally they were misguided ones), I took actions that made it worse & worse. I’mContinue reading “How To Build A Wall Of Love”

Talking About Depression Scares Me

The other day I almost slipped and said ‘depression’ in front of my two-year-old son. ‘Depression’ is far from a curse word in my mind; it’s tagged in almost every post on this blog. Nonetheless I stopped myself from saying it, and my son is not even old enough to ask me what the meaning ofContinue reading “Talking About Depression Scares Me”

Breaking Cyclical Violent Thoughts

The Problem Twenty years ago, while sitting in junior-high & high school, I brain-murdered a lot of people. Recurring, violent daydreams were a big problem for me. Ten years ago, I started rebuilding my brain through therapy. Five years ago was the last time I saw a therapist. The two main reasons: I’ve learned muchContinue reading “Breaking Cyclical Violent Thoughts”

Should We Employ Cyber Security In Suicide Prevention?

I began this mini-series of posts exploring what to do if you read something suicidal online from someone you know well, or, not so well. This is the real question that I want to tackle: What can, and what should, the government do? There is no doubt that this question cannot be answered in oneContinue reading “Should We Employ Cyber Security In Suicide Prevention?”

How To Avoid A Plane Crash

“Good morning passengers. I’ve had a really crappy week and I am seriously considering crashing this jet right into the ocean.” Suicidal people generally don’t broadcast announcements. Here’s the good news: there are signals to watch for. That’s why I am publishing a series of posts called the Mental Guide To Fooling Everyone. Part I referencesContinue reading “How To Avoid A Plane Crash”