Shaping The Future

What’s happened in the Past is important, but it doesn’t exist. You cannot actually go back and have that conversation again in a different way, redo or undo any action. What’s going to happen in the Future doesn’t exist either. And while the Future is worth considering, to a degree, to spend a lot ofContinue reading “Shaping The Future”

The ‘Time Slip’

Time, as typically discussed, is a human convention; a convenience, a strategy for coordination. In the sense of clocks, it does not actually exist. Therefore, when we believe that it does, when we believe our own ‘inch’ or ‘minute’ or ‘hour’ is actually something that exists, we slip. We slip into the trap of ourContinue reading “The ‘Time Slip’”

How Can I Practice ‘Being Present’?

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about ‘being in the moment’ or ‘being present’, sometimes from me (although I refrain from buzzwords and catch phrases). As someone who has been meditating daily for several years, and who believes strongly in the power of meditation, presence, and of having a regular spiritual practice to heal, IContinue reading “How Can I Practice ‘Being Present’?”

What’s Your Mindset Around Time?

‘There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done.’ ‘My schedule is packed. I’m always in a rush.’ ‘I don’t have time to wait for this. I am very busy.’ What’s your mindset around time? What kind of language do you use when speaking about time, to yourself or others?Continue reading “What’s Your Mindset Around Time?”