How On-Demand Culture Will Benefit Kids (on ParentSociety)

My most recent article for Parent Society is up here, the title being the same as above. Technology has made our children accountable, and in the midst of thousands of choices, I think that’s a good thing. It’s up to us to guide their decision-making. But that involves asking ourselves some tough questions. Check itContinue reading “How On-Demand Culture Will Benefit Kids (on ParentSociety)”

Hiding In Plain Sight

I used to find inconspicuous spots to park my car so that I could ‘hide in plain sight’. The idea was to blend in without attracting direct attention. One example would be the upper deck of a mall parking lot, where there is less foot traffic but not completely abandoned. Another might be the outContinue reading “Hiding In Plain Sight”

So They Can Sleep

I noticed a missed call to my cellphone from a client on Sunday afternoon, but no voicemail. I’ve made significant increases in both work productivity, and general happiness recently. Sunday, we are closed, and I don’t monitor my email. So when the phone rings, especially from a client who rarely uses my cellphone number, it’s probablyContinue reading “So They Can Sleep”

Will I Be Banned From Tweeting?

Dear @Twitter, Am I required to keep following people who are not interested in connecting with me? After being temporarily suspended the other day, I am now paralyzed with fear. I was aggressively churning, and that was wrong. I apologize. My intention was not to create a negative experience for anyone else. I copied aboutContinue reading “Will I Be Banned From Tweeting?”

The 2 Millimeter Killer

I’ve read about turning off ‘push’ notifications before, but I hadn’t tried it. That little 2 millimeter  bar (I measured) exerts power over you, but you may not realize it. You probably go get your eyes checked, if you wear glasses or contacts, once a year. Less if you don’t. Yet you strain to read somethingContinue reading “The 2 Millimeter Killer”

Emperor of the Internet

Faithful Subjects: I hereby proclaim myself “Emperor of the Internet.” Fore-with, I alone shall govern all disputes arising on the Internet between any of you, my Royal Subjects. No other shall lay claim to the title of Emperor lest they be banished forever. In return for this solemn duty, I hereby swear to uphold CommonContinue reading “Emperor of the Internet”

Why Is My Email Address My Domain Name?

I could have used Gmail or any service, but I set up Some of the most popular bloggers in the world, with millions more readers than me, don’t personalize theirs. – It’s a cheap plug. – I really enjoyed changing all my old usernames. – I take things to the extreme when I startContinue reading “Why Is My Email Address My Domain Name?”