The Magic Wand

My wand works with my kids every time. I turn them into frogs, bugs, puppies, dragons, knights, and peanut-butter sandwiches every day. Would I love to wave my magic wand and erase the stigma associated with depression and suicide? Of course. No one should feel ashamed to talk about those things, or to ask for help.Continue reading “The Magic Wand”

“What Is School For?” a talk by Seth Godin

Why aren’t we teaching our children: Leadership, emotion, financial planning, economics, marketing, health, programming, risk taking, decision-making, and … mental wellness? I’m pretty sure we can find a way to blend those things into all of that fact memorization. Besides, if you want to know what year Abraham Lincoln was shot, you can just GoogleContinue reading ““What Is School For?” a talk by Seth Godin”

Marketing Mental Illness

I’m convinced that mental illness has a marketing problem. I spoke with Dese’Rae L. Stage about it when we met a few weeks ago. Simply look around at all of the great bloggers out there working to challenge stigma. How do you think that stigma got there? There are hundreds of years of complicated historyContinue reading “Marketing Mental Illness”

What’s The Difference Between A Mental & Physical Illness?

“I think Barry has a little bit of that … that bipolar.” That’s an actual comment I heard, with the name changed. It is true that mental illnesses have degrees of severity, but, that sounded like the description of a virus. Unlike a stomach flu or a sore-throat, Barry’s bipolar will not pass after forty-eightContinue reading “What’s The Difference Between A Mental & Physical Illness?”

What About ‘Mental Wellness’?

I have a circle on Google+ which I label “Mental Wellness.” I prefer the term Wellness to Illness for a few reasons. Yes, it’s true that most of the 169 people in the circle suffer from a mental illness. They have a condition which impairs their ability to function in daily life. None of them wouldContinue reading “What About ‘Mental Wellness’?”

One Good Question To Ask

You wouldn’t ask a dyslexic person, “Why don’t you try harder to read?” You wouldn’t ask a blind person, “Do you think they’re ever going to find a cure for that sightless thing?” You wouldn’t ask a diabetic person, “When do you think you’ll be able to stop taking your injections?” Why would you ask any ofContinue reading “One Good Question To Ask”