No College Sports?

If you’ve seen me online or know me, then you know that I’m very athletic. I’m constantly exercising, moving, playing soccer, doing extra pushups, etc. etc. Many people assume that I’ve always been athletic, and that I probably played sports in college. I didn’t. In college, I was the opposite of athletic. I was sedentary,Continue reading “No College Sports?”

Breaking News: The NFL’s New Anti-Bullying Policy

It is widely assumed that Roger Goodell and the NFL will release an anti-bullying policy in reaction to this year’s highly publicized ‘Jonathan Martin / Richie Incognito / Miami Dolphins’ situation. Roger has several other major scandals to play Monday Morning Quarterback for, so I figured I would lend a hand. Roger, I’ve taken theContinue reading “Breaking News: The NFL’s New Anti-Bullying Policy”

The Greatest Super Bowl Ever

Super Bowl 48 was a let-down for many fans this year, a blow-out victory that was over as soon as it began. There was no last-minute comeback, no nail-biting finish to keep you on the edge of your seat. For me, it was the greatest Super Bowl ever. I never thought that would be possible afterContinue reading “The Greatest Super Bowl Ever”

“American Weightlifting” – A Documentary Review

  “American Weightlifting: The Documentary” is the two-hour story of a ‘wild love affair’ shared by a select group of insanely dedicated athletes. The first hour chronicles the domestic history of the sport, bringing us forward in time and revealing the current state of affairs in the sport. Interviews with veteran coaches are back droppedContinue reading ““American Weightlifting” – A Documentary Review”

It’s Better to Plant a Seed

A very interesting piece by Frank Bruni in the weekend paper titled “Violence, Greed, & the Gridiron” has got me thinking. I’ve written about this topic before, and have forsaken watching the NFL this year entirely.  That act constituted a complete turnabout coming from a former ‘super-fan.’ To put it in perspective, all of theContinue reading “It’s Better to Plant a Seed”

If You Love Sports, You Should Hate Highlights

There’s not much variance in the range of points scored, in any sport, on any given day. (Similarly, for you fantasy players, individual stats fall within a predictable range.) ESPN is essentially an aggregate of scores, numbers, and ten second highlights. Bits and pieces of the story. To me, that’s worthless. Don’t miss the story.Continue reading “If You Love Sports, You Should Hate Highlights”

‘Snatch’ Your Best

  Snatch: The act of lifting the barbell directly from the floor to overhead. You could watch that video and, attempt a snatch on your own (not recommended). Or, you could read this 423 page book, find a mentor, and being training properly (better idea). Either path will inevitably lead you to the same point: you willContinue reading “‘Snatch’ Your Best”

Beautiful Performances

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘what people want’ and ‘how an enterprise such as the NFL’ can be popular with so many people. These days, creating something that pleases everyone is impossible – and not recommended. Yet still, it is fascinating to me how NFL Football could be so huge. Is there anything elseContinue reading “Beautiful Performances”

Elevate The Game

A SHIFT Football kicked off Thursday night, and I never thought once about tuning in. Last year, I couldn’t miss one second of it. What happened? The 180 degree attitude swing was not a result of the NFL’s cancerous head-injury problem, though I freely admit that still bothers me. No, I continue to love sports, including theContinue reading “Elevate The Game”