Unleash Your Power To Change, Today.

Sometimes I wonder if my current full-throttle attitude towards life is an overcompensation for being so passive in the past. It’s clear to me today that ‘taking action’ is a key element to combating depression. The longer you avoid a situation, the worse it becomes, which compounds your anxieties. I’m not saying that if you procrastinateContinue reading “Unleash Your Power To Change, Today.”

Everyday I Think Of You

Everyday, I think about you, even though you don’t know me. Everyday, someone attempts suicide. It’s not usually in the news. Everyday, I hope that it’s not you, and I think about how to reach you. Everyday, I wonder where you are, and if you are reading this? Everyday, I want to grab you byContinue reading “Everyday I Think Of You”

“The Big Picture” by Brittany Fichter

Brittany Fichter doesn’t just write about neurological disorders, education, and loving life by the grace of God; she lives them. Her blog posts are as thoroughly researched as any that I’ve come across, and they have a certain authenticity woven into them that you can’t miss. Those things don’t happen by accident; they happen because sheContinue reading ““The Big Picture” by Brittany Fichter”

Are You Mentally Well?

If you’ve never taken a minute to ask yourself that question, think about it now. Are you as mentally well as you could be? If you’re not sure, skip the definition and make time to talk with someone about it. I can’t think of any good reason why you should go through life being uncertainContinue reading “Are You Mentally Well?”

Another Path To Bravery

Which is more brave; bearing the burden alone, or admitting that you can’t? There is a great deal you can bear. There are some things you cannot. The bearing requires bravery, but, so does the admission. Rather than measure which is more brave, know that they both are brave. There’s more than one way toContinue reading “Another Path To Bravery”

Re-Writing Old Stories

There’s an old story about mentally ill people which goes something like this: The bad ones end up homeless or institutionalized. The really bad ones are violent and sometimes end up in jail. The rich ones can afford pills and therapy. They go back to their lives. If they still have friends, they probably don’t talk about it.Continue reading “Re-Writing Old Stories”

The Individualities Inside Your Head

Nobody’s head follows a textbook. If it did, we would be called robots, not humans. You could argue that we’re nothing more than a colony of ants buzzing about, erroneously feeling independent. I suppose in the grandest possible scheme of things, our individuality disappears from view. If you are an alien looking down on planetContinue reading “The Individualities Inside Your Head”

Why You Should Fight For Your Emotions

What Is The Absence Of Emotion? How angry does that inconsiderate driver make you? How about your boss? How about that person who mugged your sister? Emotions are difficult to define because they exist on a spectrum. The spectrum runs from zero (or, almost zero) to infinity. Imagine a depressed person on the far leftContinue reading “Why You Should Fight For Your Emotions”