Would You Rather Be Right, or Respected?

A client needs to do A in order for you to do B. They fail to do A, but they need B. At this point, which, happens every day in business, no matter what A or B  represent, you have a choice: Blame them. Say I told you so, or, You should have. Point out their mistake. BlameContinue reading “Would You Rather Be Right, or Respected?”

Love & Race

I’ve been wondering if the custom of marrying your own ‘kind’ contributes to racism? Does feeling like ‘X’ should only marry ‘X’ contribute more negativity than good? When I was young, I told myself I would marry whomever I fell in love with, regardless of race or creed. My family encouraged me to marry a ‘niceContinue reading “Love & Race”

You Don’t Have To Look Away From Me

Even though I live in New York, I make eye contact with strangers, and invite them to do the same with a smile. Most people find it taboo to lock gazes for more than half a second. Yet it should be taboo not to acknowledge the fact that another person is in front of you.Continue reading “You Don’t Have To Look Away From Me”