How Should You Breathe?

Here is what’s supposed to happen when you breathe: Air comes in through your nose. Your belly expands for the first two-thirds of the inhale. Your chest and upper rib cab expand for the final third. On the exhale, things collapse in reverse order. On the inhale & exhale, you fill up & empty completely.Continue reading “How Should You Breathe?”

Relaxation & Stress: Have You Forgotten How To Breathe?

Most of you reading this either drive, or take the train, to work, every day. Your commute is a tremendous opportunity to improve your health through breathing. Breathing – not meditation. Meditation is great, and, I do it every day. But I’m talking about just breathing, correctly. It’s quite typical to go through life theseContinue reading “Relaxation & Stress: Have You Forgotten How To Breathe?”

What’s Your Mindset Around Time?

‘There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done.’ ‘My schedule is packed. I’m always in a rush.’ ‘I don’t have time to wait for this. I am very busy.’ What’s your mindset around time? What kind of language do you use when speaking about time, to yourself or others?Continue reading “What’s Your Mindset Around Time?”

Relaxation & Stress: Are You Overbooked?

One of the things that people who live to be old, health, and happy share in common is that they know how to relax. These days, I’m not so sure how good we are at this. This is one of the reasons I only train three days per week: flexibility. We tend to overcrowd ourContinue reading “Relaxation & Stress: Are You Overbooked?”

Relaxation & Stress: How Often Is Your Breathing Interrupted?

It seems likely to me that your breathing patterns are regularly interrupted. I know that mine are. Even though I meditate once or twice daily, and even though I practice full, deep breathing throughout the day, my attention still drifts. I get distracted. I will say, however, that the daily practice of breathing I’ve takenContinue reading “Relaxation & Stress: How Often Is Your Breathing Interrupted?”

Relaxation & Stress: The Power of Daily Practice

I’ve said before that focus is your secret weapon. For example, I’ll often do a quick meditation before an important meeting. When my mind is clear, with no distractions, I’m able to fully listen and absorb everything. This immediately relaxes the other parties, and lets them know that you care. It’s been said that 90%Continue reading “Relaxation & Stress: The Power of Daily Practice”

Relaxation & Stress: The Benefit of Daily Meditation Practice

The difference between my nerves before I started meditating and my nerves today has become too great to consider going back. For about a year & a half, I have made meditation an almost daily practice. But what I noticed the other day, very clearly, is that the effect of not meditating, even if it’sContinue reading “Relaxation & Stress: The Benefit of Daily Meditation Practice”

Relaxation & Stress: Natural Rhythms

When was the last time you … … didn’t use an alarm clock to wake up? … took a short nap in the mid-afternoon? … went to bed when you were tired, even if it was a few hours ‘early’? If you haven’t done any of these recently, why do you feel the need toContinue reading “Relaxation & Stress: Natural Rhythms”

Relaxation & Stress: Meditation Isn’t New

There’s a little bit of ‘meditation porn’ going on these days, meaning that lots of people are very excited about it. It’s the media darling. Every successful person (seemingly) is citing meditation as one of the the key daily habits which helped them get where they are. OK so, what does this mean for you?Continue reading “Relaxation & Stress: Meditation Isn’t New”

Relaxation & Stress: Do You Take A Sabbath?

I’m not religious, let’s get that out of the way. I don’t go to temple or church, and I don’t pray. But the concept of taking one mandatory day off per week has been growing on me more & more lately. I’m thirty-eight years old. I train hard 3 times per week. I work hardContinue reading “Relaxation & Stress: Do You Take A Sabbath?”