It Takes Energy To Make Energy

I put a lot of energy into my energy. To be more specific, I had this thought as I was getting ready for bed one recent evening. This process, getting ready for bed, begins for me the moment I wake up. Or, perhaps it would be better to say that there is no fixed startContinue reading “It Takes Energy To Make Energy”

1 Thing To Know About Hurting Loved Ones

I felt that what I was doing was deeply wrong, which only made it worse. I couldn’t see that there was a simple way out, which was to speak. When I finally started to listen, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that I had deeply hurt many people that loved me.Continue reading “1 Thing To Know About Hurting Loved Ones”

Emotional Growth

At the age of thirteen, the onset of depression diverted my emotional growth. For the next ten years, I grew, but not on the same path as most. Mine path was more like a branch growing jagged from the side of a bush. Physically  I looked the same as all the others, but emotionally, I wasContinue reading “Emotional Growth”

Elements Of Recovery

Elements Of Recovery: A Simplified Diagram   This is a slightly more in-depth follow-up to yesterday’s post on ‘resolve’ and more specifically, a question posed by Matthew Brun: What works for you now? Yes it’s true that I have not been depressed for a long time. Yes it’s true that I have repeatedly posted thatContinue reading “Elements Of Recovery”