Re-Writing Headlines

Which of these two media headlines is more helpful? “Quinnipiac University dropout made bomb threat before graduation ceremony so parents wouldn’t learn she left school: police.” “Danielle Shea, 22, apparently told cops that she called in two bomb threats in an attempt to cancel the ceremony, because she was afraid her parents would notice herContinue reading “Re-Writing Headlines”

A Powerful Work On Depression

Six words blew me off of my feet this weekend. “Depression is the flaw in love.” – Andrew Solomon, The Noonday Demon That’s the opening line of his four-hundred and forty-three page work subtitled An Atlas of Depression. The volume looked depressing, sitting there on my shelf for the past few weeks. I delayed picking itContinue reading “A Powerful Work On Depression”

You Have A Lot To Learn

“You have a lot to learn.” Sounds crass, no? It’s not the statement of fact that’s the problem – it’s the fact of the statement that bothers us. Hence, we take it as an insult. You, and I, do have a lot to learn, and I don’t just mean French or canasta. I’ve been helpingContinue reading “You Have A Lot To Learn”

Which Medium Deserves Your Attention?

“The only factor becoming scarce in a world of abundance is human attention.” – Kevin Kelly, New Rules for the New Economy Writing in 1999, Kevin Kelly’s work was prophetic. He all but predicted the rise of Google, Facebook, and so many other behemoths that came to permeate our day. It’s still fascinating – andContinue reading “Which Medium Deserves Your Attention?”

How Do You Escape?

Is there a difference between watching a movie, and watching movies to escape from or cope with mental illness? There’s no correct answer, that’s totally subjective. I guess it depends on the number of hours spent, plus the intent. But I thought it would be interesting to make a list of things I used toContinue reading “How Do You Escape?”

I’m Back! (Update)

Fingers crossed, once I click publish, you should receive your first email from me since November 28th. It’s been longer than I’d hoped but the blog migration is done. I couldn’t stand to be out of touch for a week! I wasn’t really gone; I continued writing and posting daily. It is just that myContinue reading “I’m Back! (Update)”

Here’s What I Really Want For My Birthday

My birthday is coming up, and I don’t want a crew neck sweater. This is what I want. I’m not going to list things that I generally want like ‘health,’ ‘world peace,’ or ‘better government.’ This is a completely hedonist list. No holding back no matter how selfish or trivial these items may seem. Just the truth.Continue reading “Here’s What I Really Want For My Birthday”

We’re Far From Equals, Yet

I’ll never forget the time a non-Jew (which I had known many of before) approached me in our middle-school hallway and bluntly asked “Are you Jewish?” I was pretty sure I did not have a Jew sign on my forehead, so I said ‘Yes.’ He made some indecipherable body gesture and walked away, leaving meContinue reading “We’re Far From Equals, Yet”

It’s Your Show

It’s halftime of the Super Bowl, but the Rolling Stones are not the act this year. You are. You’re given the stage and a microphone. You are told to address the crowd, and the entire world watching on TV. What do you say? The beauty of this conundrum is that there is no single thingContinue reading “It’s Your Show”