What Should You Expect From Meditation?

I’ve been meditating almost daily for a little over two years now. So, I know enough about meditation to know what I don’t know (which is a lot), and also, that I know a little bit. I’ve never done a retreat, or sat with a guru in person. I have used the Calm, Headspace, andContinue reading “What Should You Expect From Meditation?”

Tapping Into Energy

I get asked a lot about energy. “How can I have more energy?”, or, “Some days I just don’t have any energy. What do I do?” It’s important here to separate energy and motivation, which are not the same thing. We can talk about motivation in another post. What is energy? Standard definitions include “yourContinue reading “Tapping Into Energy”

Relaxation & Stress: How Often Is Your Breathing Interrupted?

It seems likely to me that your breathing patterns are regularly interrupted. I know that mine are. Even though I meditate once or twice daily, and even though I practice full, deep breathing throughout the day, my attention still drifts. I get distracted. I will say, however, that the daily practice of breathing I’ve takenContinue reading “Relaxation & Stress: How Often Is Your Breathing Interrupted?”

Relaxation & Stress: The Benefit of Daily Meditation Practice

The difference between my nerves before I started meditating and my nerves today has become too great to consider going back. For about a year & a half, I have made meditation an almost daily practice. But what I noticed the other day, very clearly, is that the effect of not meditating, even if it’sContinue reading “Relaxation & Stress: The Benefit of Daily Meditation Practice”

How I Wake Up My Mind, Body, & Spirit Every Morning

I’ve told you before about the first thing I do every morning, which is drink my morning green drink. That’s my ‘Step 1’. Step 2: Wake Up The Mind The second thing I do is write this blog post, for you. Every day. It takes time. I have to think. It’s not easy. It getsContinue reading “How I Wake Up My Mind, Body, & Spirit Every Morning”