How You Eat Meat or Plants Matters.

When we talk about ‘being a meat eater or a plant eater’, it’s just not as simple as drawing a line in the sand between the two. There’s a big difference between a meat eater who eats McDonald’s regularly, and a meat eater who eats a wide range of whole, organic, grass-fed or wild caughtContinue reading “How You Eat Meat or Plants Matters.”

Are Your Meals Incomplete?

One possible reason you’re not losing weight, or always hungry, is that you’re not getting enough protein quickly enough. Your body needs protein to rebuild, repair, grow, and, to feel satisfied. If you eat a large combination of nutritionally incomplete foods, such as rice and vegetables, you’re likely to be hungry soon. Rice and vegetablesContinue reading “Are Your Meals Incomplete?”

Vitamins & Supplements: Which Protein Powder Should I Take?

My approach is to periodically try different protein sources with good ingredients. So, two elements here: ingredients & variety. Let’s break that down. INGREDIENTS The first thing you need to do┬áis read the ingredients. This, as you may already know is, my #1 rule for all food decisions. In the case of protein powder blends,Continue reading “Vitamins & Supplements: Which Protein Powder Should I Take?”

Protein Sources: Meat As The Side Dish

Last Friday we talked about how much protein you need every day. Where should that protein come from? Today we’ll talk about protein from food, not from supplements. It can be very confusing, if you are supplementing additionally with powders, to know which one to buy. We’ll look at that question next Friday. For yourContinue reading “Protein Sources: Meat As The Side Dish”

Vitamins & Supplements: How Much Protein Should I Take?

Depending on you and your goals, you might be surprised. If you’re not highly active, not looking to build muscle, and just curious how much protein you need to eat to stay in balance, my opinion is about .5 grams per pound per day. (That number is slightly higher than the ‘official’ RDA of .36Continue reading “Vitamins & Supplements: How Much Protein Should I Take?”

How Should I Take Protein Powder?

If you’re new to exercise, the first thing you’ll want to do is figure out how much protein you are already ingesting every day. Chances are, it’s already more than enough. But, everyone is different. And timing matters. So let’s skip forward to this part: you want to take protein powder either before or afterContinue reading “How Should I Take Protein Powder?”