You Can Find Joy For The Whole Week In 1 Hour

I don’t know how much money I’ll be able to raise to fight hunger. Will it be a drop in the bucket? Perhaps. Will lots of children starve to death while I sit at my computer, studying marketing & copyediting, trying to boost sales? Yes. I do know that trying something, even if it fails,Continue reading “You Can Find Joy For The Whole Week In 1 Hour”

Oh, You’re Not a Blogger?

Why do I have a desire to take the darkest, worst things about me; all of my failures, mistakes, and shortcomings – and blog about them? Because those make the best blog posts. Those make real blog posts. They make me want to live better. But man, it is scary to hit the PUBLISH buttonContinue reading “Oh, You’re Not a Blogger?”

The Secret To Getting Into Whole Foods

** I originally posted this essay on our business blog last week, but I thought you’d like to read it. It applies to more than just people in the food business. ** For the last five years, I have watched many clients grow their new businesses. Each one has a different path to take onContinue reading “The Secret To Getting Into Whole Foods”

What If My Blog Leads to Bullying of My Kids?

Certainly a valid question. There is a simple answer. Bullies are not friends. It wouldn’t require much effort to write one-thousand more words, instead of just those four. However that is the central tenet I always come back to. ‘What real friends are‘ is what I want my kids to remember if they are ever bullied. WhetherContinue reading “What If My Blog Leads to Bullying of My Kids?”

What If My Children Read This Blog?

Obviously they will be able to, but I have nothing to hide from them. Regarding drugs, I plan to be fully open about my past with them. I want them to be able to talk to me about it, and ask questions. Otherwise they’ll get all their answers from friends. Would you believe me ifContinue reading “What If My Children Read This Blog?”

What If I Have to Get a Job …

… and a potential employer reads this blog, where they could find out that I had issues in my youth with drugs and depression? It is possible that certain doors could close. Doors where employers frown upon anything that indicates potential for trouble. It is also possible that other doors will open. Doors with employersContinue reading “What If I Have to Get a Job …”

Be Far From Shameful

A valued reader whom I respect showed me how a previous post was off base. I made a broad and sweeping generalization about ‘what is shameful.’ That was not my usual style, and I was wrong. The original sentence read: The only thing that’s shameful is not making a change when possible. Here’s what it should have read:Continue reading “Be Far From Shameful”

Elevate The Game

A SHIFT Football kicked off Thursday night, and I never thought once about tuning in. Last year, I couldn’t miss one second of it. What happened? The 180 degree attitude swing was not a result of the NFL’s cancerous head-injury problem, though I freely admit that still bothers me. No, I continue to love sports, including theContinue reading “Elevate The Game”