How To Find Beauty In Your Death

One Day, You Will Die. You are born with one limitation. One day you will die. I’d like you to think about how beautiful that is. Death is the only thing that will definitely happen to you for the rest of your life. Nothing else that happens is guaranteed: not love, taxes, or even growingContinue reading “How To Find Beauty In Your Death”

How To Build A Wall Of Love

When I was depressed, I manipulated the world around me to in order suit my depression. To be clear, this is not a declaration of causality. I didn’t give myself depression. What I did was, feed it. For whatever reason, (generally they were misguided ones), I took actions that made it worse & worse. I’mContinue reading “How To Build A Wall Of Love”

What Are The Pros Of Your Mental Illness?

I’ll start by listing my own answers to this interesting question. These three come to mind: Naturally being highly self-critical drives me. It drives me to perform well in school, business, and life. You could say that I am a perfectionist. I hold myself to very high standards. Some would say, those standards are unreasonable.Continue reading “What Are The Pros Of Your Mental Illness?”