Everyday I Think Of You

Everyday, I think about you, even though you don’t know me. Everyday, someone attempts suicide. It’s not usually in the news. Everyday, I hope that it’s not you, and I think about how to reach you. Everyday, I wonder where you are, and if you are reading this? Everyday, I want to grab you byContinue reading “Everyday I Think Of You”

How To Make Friends With Failure

I want to share something with you which I’ve learned from more four-hundred consecutive daily posts on this blog. Many friends and family asked me, in different ways, ‘Why? Why do you blog? How many people are reading it? Who is reading it? What is the purpose? What is the end game?’ In over oneContinue reading “How To Make Friends With Failure”

The 1 Thing That Is Not Myth

Lots of people say that religion is myth. I have definitely said it before. It’s easy to say, ‘Aha! That book you’re reading is 5,000 years old and it’s got ridiculous stories in it that couldn’t possibly be true!’ I’m not so quick to pull the trigger on that statement anymore. For about thirty years,Continue reading “The 1 Thing That Is Not Myth”

You Can Defuse Pressure

Things have been piling up inside my head lately; some big and some small. The pressure is high, with several issues occurring both at work and home. You will always have problems to solve. In the past, you might have seen me bang my fists, raise my voice, or throw an object several times a day.Continue reading “You Can Defuse Pressure”

‘Safe’ Is Better That ‘Right’

Sometimes our blood boils when our beliefs are questioned. Suggest that football is barbaric, or that two men can be sexually attracted to each other, or that a holy scripture might have been written by a mortal, and you’re likely to upset someone deeply. What we are really doing is attacking the foundation of their existence.Continue reading “‘Safe’ Is Better That ‘Right’”

Too Far VS Not Far Enough

They shout that you’re in trouble; that we’ve gone too far. Too far to reverse the icecaps melting, too far stop the genocide, too far to feed the planet, too far to stop abusing drugs, too far to get out of debt. How often does someone else suggest that you haven’t gone far enough? If theContinue reading “Too Far VS Not Far Enough”

“The Big Picture” by Brittany Fichter

Brittany Fichter doesn’t just write about neurological disorders, education, and loving life by the grace of God; she lives them. Her blog posts are as thoroughly researched as any that I’ve come across, and they have a certain authenticity woven into them that you can’t miss. Those things don’t happen by accident; they happen because sheContinue reading ““The Big Picture” by Brittany Fichter”

How Far From The Edge Are You?

I’d like to expand on what I was trying to show Sunday, which also connects to the marketing of mental health post. Danielle Shea could very sadly have become a completed suicide or, murder-suicide. (Just like the mass shootings in the news lately.) On that level, she’s no different from you or I. I know thatContinue reading “How Far From The Edge Are You?”