The Piggy Bank Of Happiness

Every time we complain, there’s something better to be gained in that very moment. You just have to find it. When we exasperate at the driver in front of us, we do not reach our destination with any more speed or peace. I’ve done this thousands of times, and it has never improved the situation.Continue reading “The Piggy Bank Of Happiness”

4 Rules I Learned Growing Up

These 4 things are true: If we don’t speak up in class, we’ll never be wrong. If we don’t tell our story, nobody can make fun of us. If we don’t pay our taxes, society will crumble. If we don’t fight in wars, we’ll go to jail. It’s easy to do what we’re told, andContinue reading “4 Rules I Learned Growing Up”

It’s Your Show

It’s halftime of the Super Bowl, but the Rolling Stones are not the act this year. You are. You’re given the stage and a microphone. You are told to address the crowd, and the entire world watching on TV. What do you say? The beauty of this conundrum is that there is no single thingContinue reading “It’s Your Show”

Make An Appointment With Yourself

I’ve been on an idea-writing, motivation invoking, hungry for knowledge consumption kick lately BUT, Friday is music only day for me. Three to four hours spent in the car tuned to zero talk radio, only cranking rock or EDM with the windows down. It’s necessary for all of us to let our guards down andContinue reading “Make An Appointment With Yourself”

Your Seat Cushion Will Kill You

In 1968, a seat cushion almost wiped out civilization as we know it. Back in those days, it was the Cold War. Both sides were on high alert, constantly. The United States had an air base in Thule, Greenland which was considered to be our first line of defense against a Russian nuclear attack, becauseContinue reading “Your Seat Cushion Will Kill You”