You Don’t Have Enough Time To Hold On To Pain.

When we feel, it always feels like it will last forever. Sometimes it’s love, sometimes it’s pain. The reality is that whatever we are feeling will gone in an instant, vanishing faster than we can conceive. For example when I talk about having been depressed for ten years, what is ten years? Nothing. It’s goodContinue reading “You Don’t Have Enough Time To Hold On To Pain.”

“My Bright Shining Star” by Rhonda Elkins

Kaitlyn Elkins was a beautiful twenty-three year old woman who took her own life in April of 2013. Obviously her family is devastated by this loss, but also, completely surprised. They thought she was happy. Rhonda, Kaitlyn’s mother, decided to write about it. Her posts are raw, unfiltered, and real. I understand that reading aboutContinue reading ““My Bright Shining Star” by Rhonda Elkins”

Let’s Talk About Vitality

What is Vitality? Vitality is the feeling of being alive, and of being able to experience emotions, connections, and meaning. Depression is the complete absence of vitality. When I wrote yesterday that I have been ‘depression-free’ for ten years, that does not mean for ten years I have been full of vitality. When Did I RegainContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Vitality”

“I Should Have Known” by Dave Groehl

Pain, anger, sadness … a nation felt it when Kurt Cobain took his own life in 1994. Years later in 2011, Kurt’s former friend and band mate released this. The song has always made a special connection to me because it makes me think about more than the blackness that Dave felt after Kurt left.Continue reading ““I Should Have Known” by Dave Groehl”

Is Telling A Story Worth Causing Pain?

Last Sunday Ken Budd published a great article on writing memoirs in the NY Times. Writing a memoir is a selfish act. For the memoir to work, to truly be alive, the honesty of the writing must outweigh the feelings of your subjects. As the central figure, you have to write what scares you: theContinue reading “Is Telling A Story Worth Causing Pain?”