The Power Of Your Food Dollar

Before you check a few price tags and conclude that organic, whole foods costs you more money than conventional processed foods, consider that there are additional, real costs that you are paying for with those conventional, processed foods: The higher cost of your healthcare, in the form of more co-payments, full out-of-pocket medical expenses, supplements,Continue reading “The Power Of Your Food Dollar”

“Do I Believe In Organic?”

This is an actual question I was asked in person recently. My answer is that I have done enough learning about the topic that it makes me uncomfortable to put non-organic foods into my body. If I’m at a party or a restaurant and there are only conventional (that’s the word for non-organically grown) options,Continue reading ““Do I Believe In Organic?””

Which Organic Foods Are Right For Me?

There’s a lot to cover with regards to Organic foods. More than one blog post can accomplish. So for this one, let’s start with something simple: Just because a food doesn’t have an Organic certification, doesn’t mean that it isn’t Organic. (That’s far too many negatives in one sentence for my high school English teacher.)Continue reading “Which Organic Foods Are Right For Me?”

The Difference Between Organic & Non-GMO Labels

Choosing what to buy in the supermarket feels more confusing every day. I struggle with it, and I (a) have been in the food business for more than 20 years and (b) have been to nutrition school. My #1 tip is and always will be the same: read the ingredients. (All of them.) Here’s another:Continue reading “The Difference Between Organic & Non-GMO Labels”

Organic Foods: Talk To Your Farmer

You can buy a certified Organic strawberry at your local supermarket which has been grown with pesticides, because some pesticides are deemed organic by the USDA. There is a new Regenerative Organic certification coming out with even stricter standards of environmental sustainability. There are some fruits & vegetables that may be less important to buyContinue reading “Organic Foods: Talk To Your Farmer”