You Can Shape Your World

The first night, I was very nervous that I would over sleep & miss this train. Six months ago, I never would have thought I’d be on this train every day. It’s a change that will bring my life much more abundance (spiritual, emotional, & financial) six months from now. The changes I’m making areContinue reading “You Can Shape Your World”

Posting Every Day Will Help.

I read many of your posts. I comment where I will be most helpful. I read the comments on your posts, and many are helpful. I read the comments that are hurtful and, they make me sad. I read the posts that receive no comments, and that makes me sad too. When I was suicidal,Continue reading “Posting Every Day Will Help.”

Finding A Solution

I went from being the most ‘stuck’ a person could possibly be, to finding a solution to every obstacle that comes my way. How did I do that? Let’s start by working backwards. Let’s say you have a problem that has no apparent solution, no possible way forward that you can think of. You’re ready to give up.Continue reading “Finding A Solution”

To Help You Find Hope, Opportunity, & Joy.

In 1997, if you told me that there was hope, I would not have listened. I would have shrugged you off in any way possible. I didn’t think that anyone could help me escape a life of despair. I was wrong. I didn’t have to die. There was another way out. One day, my eyesContinue reading “To Help You Find Hope, Opportunity, & Joy.”

You’ll Fail The Course. Now What?

There comes a point when you’ve skipped so many classes that you are definitely going to fail the course. At that point, you usually still have the option to withdraw from the class and take a ‘W’ which, isn’t great, but, it’s not a zero factored into your GPA. However you actually have to getContinue reading “You’ll Fail The Course. Now What?”

How To Create Your Dream Job

There’s something that you can do in a way that nobody else can. It might take some time to craft that skill; to develop it & become recognized as an authority. The place to start is by doing something that helps someone else. Do it for free if you have to at first. Get 2Continue reading “How To Create Your Dream Job”

How To Make Friends With Failure

I want to share something with you which I’ve learned from more four-hundred consecutive daily posts on this blog. Many friends and family asked me, in different ways, ‘Why? Why do you blog? How many people are reading it? Who is reading it? What is the purpose? What is the end game?’ In over oneContinue reading “How To Make Friends With Failure”

“The Big Picture” by Brittany Fichter

Brittany Fichter doesn’t just write about neurological disorders, education, and loving life by the grace of God; she lives them. Her blog posts are as thoroughly researched as any that I’ve come across, and they have a certain authenticity woven into them that you can’t miss. Those things don’t happen by accident; they happen because sheContinue reading ““The Big Picture” by Brittany Fichter”