Breaking News: The NFL’s New Anti-Bullying Policy

It is widely assumed that Roger Goodell and the NFL will release an anti-bullying policy in reaction to this year’s highly publicized ‘Jonathan Martin / Richie Incognito / Miami Dolphins’ situation. Roger has several other major scandals to play Monday Morning Quarterback for, so I figured I would lend a hand. Roger, I’ve taken theContinue reading “Breaking News: The NFL’s New Anti-Bullying Policy”

The Greatest Super Bowl Ever

Super Bowl 48 was a let-down for many fans this year, a blow-out victory that was over as soon as it began. There was no last-minute comeback, no nail-biting finish to keep you on the edge of your seat. For me, it was the greatest Super Bowl ever. I never thought that would be possible afterContinue reading “The Greatest Super Bowl Ever”

Sunday Share: “Is It Immoral to Watch The Super Bowl?” by Steve Almond

“But if I’m completely honest about my misgivings, it’s not just that the N.F.L. is a negligent employer. It’s how our worship of the game has blinded us to its pathologies.” A sentiment I’ve echoed before, but I really liked this article from last Sunday by Steve Almond. “Don’t we turn to football precisely to escapeContinue reading “Sunday Share: “Is It Immoral to Watch The Super Bowl?” by Steve Almond”

Discover Your Best Ideas

Yesterday I discovered some drafts from 2009 (in my Google Drive) that taught me – about myself.  The very first of all 207 posts on this blog was published on May 31, 2013.  That was shortly after I read Seth Godin’s ‘Icarus Deception‘, which I have referenced as the spark of this blog. (Oh, inContinue reading “Discover Your Best Ideas”

It’s Better to Plant a Seed

A very interesting piece by Frank Bruni in the weekend paper titled “Violence, Greed, & the Gridiron” has got me thinking. I’ve written about this topic before, and have forsaken watching the NFL this year entirely.  That act constituted a complete turnabout coming from a former ‘super-fan.’ To put it in perspective, all of theContinue reading “It’s Better to Plant a Seed”

A Letter To Daniel Snyder

Outside my local post office today, a scraggly looking man asked me for a favor. He didn’t have any money for a stamp, so he asked me to post this letter on my blog instead. It is written to Daniel Snyder, the owner of the NFL’s Washington Redskins. Please forward it to him if youContinue reading “A Letter To Daniel Snyder”