10 Year Old Problem Solving

When this song (the original; that is just my homage to Nice & Smooth) comes on, I feel nostalgic. It’s not just the song. It’s also the feeling I felt when I was ten years old. My friends & I would play it, singing and messing around, without a care in the world. The onlyContinue reading “10 Year Old Problem Solving”

Prevent The Adorable Problem

When my four-year-old daughter randomly breaks into the song ‘Let It Go‘ from Disney’s Frozen, for the seventh time of the day, it’s the most adorable thing in the entire world … … to me. To you, it probably sounds more like a drowning puppy, writhing in pain as water fills its lungs, still tryingContinue reading “Prevent The Adorable Problem”

“I Should Have Known” by Dave Groehl

Pain, anger, sadness … a nation felt it when Kurt Cobain took his own life in 1994. Years later in 2011, Kurt’s former friend and band mate released this. http://youtu.be/TiswqhIxGJA The song has always made a special connection to me because it makes me think about more than the blackness that Dave felt after Kurt left.Continue reading ““I Should Have Known” by Dave Groehl”

Make An Appointment With Yourself

I’ve been on an idea-writing, motivation invoking, hungry for knowledge consumption kick lately BUT, Friday is music only day for me. Three to four hours spent in the car tuned to zero talk radio, only cranking rock or EDM with the windows down. It’s necessary for all of us to let our guards down andContinue reading “Make An Appointment With Yourself”

Beautiful Performances

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘what people want’ and ‘how an enterprise such as the NFL’ can be popular with so many people. These days, creating something that pleases everyone is impossible – and not recommended. Yet still, it is fascinating to me how NFL Football could be so huge. Is there anything elseContinue reading “Beautiful Performances”