A Frustration Saving Tactic

If you’ve never had a dead-end, frustrating argument with your spouse, then you: Got married last week, or You married a door. Doors do what they’re told, most of the time, except when you buy a house in which some of the doors make their own decisions … like my house. *** One of myContinue reading “A Frustration Saving Tactic”

The Quickest Way To Ruin Your Day

Get one more word in with your partner. Some mornings start with a disagreement. There is a point of diminishing returns on words spoken. It’s approximately two minutes into the conversation. After that, it’s not a conversation. It’s an argument. At that point, nothing you say matters. You won’t be able to ‘prove you areContinue reading “The Quickest Way To Ruin Your Day”

Love & Race

I’ve been wondering if the custom of marrying your own ‘kind’ contributes to racism? Does feeling like ‘X’ should only marry ‘X’ contribute more negativity than good? When I was young, I told myself I would marry whomever I fell in love with, regardless of race or creed. My family encouraged me to marry a ‘niceContinue reading “Love & Race”

This Was A Really Bad Post

Good thing I just deleted about 100 words of a post contending that ‘polygamy should be legal because gay marriage is now legal.’ Yesterday, the argument seemed logical. On second thought, it was wrong. The reason polygamy doesn’t work as a species (I’m guessing here) might be inbreeding. Were one man to father all theContinue reading “This Was A Really Bad Post”