Would You Vote For Frank Silver?

Frank Silver wants to waste your tax dollars. Frank Silver wants to lock up your children. Frank Silver wants to ignore the truth. On July 15th, vote for Mike Williams, and tell Frank Silver ‘No more.’ Special thanks to GK for pointing out this article by Liz Szabo on USA Today. Anyone who spends the eight to tenContinue reading “Would You Vote For Frank Silver?”

It Is Scary, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

Yesterday’s mini-test was flawed for several reasons, but there was a lot to learn from it. In case you missed the post the analogy to complete was: HEART DISEASE : PREVENTABLESCHIZOPHRENIA : _______________A) AVOIDABLE     B) SCARY     C) TREATABLE     D) CURABLE 1) I chose ‘schizophrenia’ to go against ‘heart disease’ becauseContinue reading “It Is Scary, But It Doesn’t Have To Be”

Marketing Mental Illness

I’m convinced that mental illness has a marketing problem. I spoke with Dese’Rae L. Stage about it when we met a few weeks ago. Simply look around at all of the great bloggers out there working to challenge stigma. How do you think that stigma got there? There are hundreds of years of complicated historyContinue reading “Marketing Mental Illness”

A Killer Sales Pitch

“Be honest. Do you really need more … stuff? Is that flat screen TV really going to get you ahead in life?” Thank you, Mr. Rosetta Stone voice-over man, for pointing out to me in that cocky, upbeat tone that I am floundering my existence on this planet by wasting my time with material things.Continue reading “A Killer Sales Pitch”

“La Boulange”

In case you don’t frequent Starbucks, “La Boulange” is their new and improved line of pastry products. I have never tasted one, I just like the coffee. The overload of private label products in almost every store I visit is what bothers me. I understand why these big companies (Target, Costco, Whole Foods, BJ’s, Wal-Mart,Continue reading ““La Boulange””

Too Many Choices (& Opportunities) To Pick From

There are so many kinds of cereal in the supermarket, it’s hard to find the one you want. There couldn’t possibly be any room on the dairy shelf for a new brand of Greek Yogurt. There are at least five self-service frozen yogurt stores within a five-minute drive from my home; it would be stupidContinue reading “Too Many Choices (& Opportunities) To Pick From”