How To Develop A Super Power

If you want to enhance your relationships (which is a key part of improving your own health), then, you must enhance your listening skills. In fact, your ability to listen with the intention to understand others, not just intellectually, but also (and probably more importantly) emotionally, can become your relationship super power. The key isContinue reading “How To Develop A Super Power”

The Best Thing You Can Do For A [Depressed] Person

The best thing you can do might be to acknowledge how the other person is feeling. Simple to say, very difficult to practice. That’s what we want though, isn’t it? To be heard? Not to be told what we should do, or what we did wrong, or why  we should feel differently, or that it’s allContinue reading “The Best Thing You Can Do For A [Depressed] Person”

Re-Writing Headlines

Which of these two media headlines is more helpful? “Quinnipiac University dropout made bomb threat before graduation ceremony so parents wouldn’t learn she left school: police.” “Danielle Shea, 22, apparently told cops that she called in two bomb threats in an attempt to cancel the ceremony, because she was afraid her parents would notice herContinue reading “Re-Writing Headlines”

The Answer To What People Want

Every single interaction with each person that I cross paths is an opportunity to learn something. Sorry, I’ve been on a listening binge lately. It’s addictive. Whether it’s a business meeting, a random person at the checkout, or cold call, there is something to gain. You might simply leave a good feeling for future meeting, orContinue reading “The Answer To What People Want”

There Are No Magic Words

I write a lot about awareness of the symptoms of depression & suicide, hoping that we can save a life. I’ve told the story about the doctor who convinced me to try to help myself with a few short words. The scenario that you will ever have to talk someone down off of a ledge,Continue reading “There Are No Magic Words”

A Frustration Saving Tactic

If you’ve never had a dead-end, frustrating argument with your spouse, then you: Got married last week, or You married a door. Doors do what they’re told, most of the time, except when you buy a house in which some of the doors make their own decisions … like my house. *** One of myContinue reading “A Frustration Saving Tactic”