One Way To Lose At Life

I need to clarify yesterday’s statement: “… ‘blending in’ was always a tactical advantage for me …” That is a tactic which landed me in a hospital. In the game I was playing, I was the only participant. Please do not adhere to advice written from the perspective of my former self. Unless, you wantContinue reading “One Way To Lose At Life”

I Have No Clue Why I Am Here

None of us has any clue what we are doing here, and that’s really scary. We’re much smarter than the animals around us, but, we’re not smart enough to figure everything out. We don’t know what goes on inside our own brains, or what’s out there in the universe. Ever since we secured the basicContinue reading “I Have No Clue Why I Am Here”

Responding To Anonymous Posts Indicating Self-Harm

I mentioned yesterday that picking up the phone to call someone you know is the best first course of action. What should you do when someone you know ‘online’ – but you don’t know their real name – indicates imminent self-harm? We’re getting into a subset of people here (bloggers, message board members, etc.) thatContinue reading “Responding To Anonymous Posts Indicating Self-Harm”

How To Avoid A Plane Crash

“Good morning passengers. I’ve had a really crappy week and I am seriously considering crashing this jet right into the ocean.” Suicidal people generally don’t broadcast announcements. Here’s the good news: there are signals to watch for. That’s why I am publishing a series of posts called the Mental Guide To Fooling Everyone. Part I referencesContinue reading “How To Avoid A Plane Crash”

A Mental Guide To Fooling Everyone (Part I)

One of the skills I honed during a decade of depression is a sharpened ability to understand what other people are thinking. I developed this skill in order to keep my true thoughts hidden. What follows is a series of posts that will help you do exactly that, if you would like to end upContinue reading “A Mental Guide To Fooling Everyone (Part I)”

“I Should Have Known” by Dave Groehl

Pain, anger, sadness … a nation felt it when Kurt Cobain took his own life in 1994. Years later in 2011, Kurt’s former friend and band mate released this. The song has always made a special connection to me because it makes me think about more than the blackness that Dave felt after Kurt left.Continue reading ““I Should Have Known” by Dave Groehl”

Why Should You Trust Me?

You can trust me because I was once a professional liar. For ten long years, I lied about everything. I lied with my words, my face, and my being. It was hard work. Then it all imploded because, a house cannot be built on a weak foundation. I tried to kill myself. I failed atContinue reading “Why Should You Trust Me?”

Sunday Share: “Is It Immoral to Watch The Super Bowl?” by Steve Almond

“But if I’m completely honest about my misgivings, it’s not just that the N.F.L. is a negligent employer. It’s how our worship of the game has blinded us to its pathologies.” A sentiment I’ve echoed before, but I really liked this article from last Sunday by Steve Almond. “Don’t we turn to football precisely to escapeContinue reading “Sunday Share: “Is It Immoral to Watch The Super Bowl?” by Steve Almond”

Collecting Internet Dust

“I think Facebook should advertise itself as a memorial service for the living. It makes the present feel as if it is instantaneously collecting dust.” – Carrie Brownstein, ‘You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Song‘ Aside from the fact that I admire the quote & the article (by the way, Brownstein is co-creator ofContinue reading “Collecting Internet Dust”