Words to Avoid: ‘Try’

Yoda already told you, “There is no ‘try’, only ‘do’.” If you meditate on this briefly, you’ll see that he’s got a real point. The moment you tell yourself, or someone else, that you’re going to try something is the very same moment that you’ve decided you are OK with failing. As I mentioned inContinue reading “Words to Avoid: ‘Try’”

Words To Avoid: ‘Should’

I choose the words I speak and write with intentionally, whether I’m consciously aware of it or not. When I am, I do my best to avoid certain indecisive, unclear, judgmental, uncertain, and otherwise harmful or negative language. For example, the word ‘should’. If I tell you that you ‘should’ do this or that, thenContinue reading “Words To Avoid: ‘Should’”

Should & Could

There’s an ongoing battle between Should & Could. Should wants to take over your brain. You have to fight back. Never think about what Should. Think in terms of Could. Reminder: Could = Cognitive Could wants to dive off of your tongue without permission from your brain. Don’t let Could talk. There are so many thingsContinue reading “Should & Could”

An Easy Way To Be Thankful

The other day a woman said this to me without speaking it: “I don’t really understand what it is that gives us life. I don’t really comprehend how it is that I am standing here today. I have a family, they are alive & healthy. I am alive & healthy. I have this job, whichContinue reading “An Easy Way To Be Thankful”

A Letter To Daniel Snyder

Outside my local post office today, a scraggly looking man asked me for a favor. He didn’t have any money for a stamp, so he asked me to post this letter on my blog instead. It is written to Daniel Snyder, the owner of the NFL’s Washington Redskins. Please forward it to him if youContinue reading “A Letter To Daniel Snyder”

Defining: Friend

For a long time, I defined a ‘friend’ as someone who I would do anything to help. I still do, but there are multiple levels to explore. I’ve noticed, from sharing & giving via writing, that there’s a different kind of friendship. You are my friend. Not my ‘Facebook’ friend, or someone who I willContinue reading “Defining: Friend”

I don’t want a ‘daddy’.

I don’t want someone to pay me to write. I want to write something good enough that someone wants to pay for it. (Or at least, wants to read it.) I noticed that the phrase “a word from our sponsors” translated into Spanish reads “una palabra de nuestros patrocinadores.” ‘Patrocinadore’ made me think of ‘father’ becauseContinue reading “I don’t want a ‘daddy’.”

Defining: Priceless

Your key to the city is ready for you, and you can get it here. It’s a beautifully done campaign by MasterCard, if your idea of beauty is convincing people to spend more money (possibly than they really should) without actually feeling it. I have to credit, with a variable APR and subject to certainContinue reading “Defining: Priceless”