The Case Of The 2nd Breakfast

Yesterday I had two full-sized breakfasts, back-to-back. I cooked the 2nd one less than 10 minutes after finishing the first one. For context, the first one was 3 eggs, roasted potatoes & broccoli. The second one was 3 more eggs, plus 3 almond-flour tortillas with dairy-free cheese. It wasn’t super late in the day; IContinue reading “The Case Of The 2nd Breakfast”

Some Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting

As long as it works for you, I am OK with it. But, how will you know if it’s working for you? We’ll, first, make sure that you’re not treating it like a religion. Some people have a tendency to get into something (anything), and then if one day that thing has to change (like,Continue reading “Some Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting”

A Question for Fasters

If you’re intermittently fasting, I have a question for you: Have you learned how to eat properly for your body yet? “I.F.” is very popular right now, and there are many benefits to it. You probably will see, or you may have already felt some of those. But if you’re jumping onto the I.F. bandwagonContinue reading “A Question for Fasters”

Turning On Recovery

It takes a significant portion of your body’s available energy to digest and absorb the food you eat. In addition to that, whenever there is food in your body to be digested, your digestive systems are activated – they’re running & working in ‘on’ mode. Would you want to keep loading your washing machine withContinue reading “Turning On Recovery”

When To Eat Nothing

Every once in awhile, the best meal to eat is … nothing. For me, that usually happens when life happens. Once in awhile I skip breakfast – even though breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Other times, if I find myself at a place, party, or gathering where there isn’t anything to myContinue reading “When To Eat Nothing”