Why I Don’t Want To Prevent Depression

Please, don’t take my depression away from me. If that sounds strange coming from a guy who’s written over 300 posts, mostly about how to get out of or avoid depression, I’ll explain. I do not want you to suffer one minute longer than necessary. I am not anti-medication. I am pro-humanity. One day, veryContinue reading “Why I Don’t Want To Prevent Depression”

“The Flaw In Love”

Don’t worry, I’m not turning Fried’s Blog into a literature class examining the work of Andrew Solomon. However I will devote one more blog post to examining the opening line of The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression, which reads “Depression is the flaw in love.” In addition to his own lifetime of sufferings, SolomonContinue reading ““The Flaw In Love””

Customers Don’t Need Flowers

They need a human response. You’d think that a human response is one of the simplest things to give in the field of customer service. It doesn’t have to be accompanied by a bouquet of flowers, a detailed graph, or even a smile. It does, however, have to be given. No response at all burnsContinue reading “Customers Don’t Need Flowers”

We’re Far From Equals, Yet

I’ll never forget the time a non-Jew (which I had known many of before) approached me in our middle-school hallway and bluntly asked “Are you Jewish?” I was pretty sure I did not have a Jew sign on my forehead, so I said ‘Yes.’ He made some indecipherable body gesture and walked away, leaving meContinue reading “We’re Far From Equals, Yet”

A Letter To Daniel Snyder

Outside my local post office today, a scraggly looking man asked me for a favor. He didn’t have any money for a stamp, so he asked me to post this letter on my blog instead. It is written to Daniel Snyder, the owner of the NFL’s Washington Redskins. Please forward it to him if youContinue reading “A Letter To Daniel Snyder”

Enduring Hell

The cold tip of a sharp hunting blade pressed against the skin of your gut is tiny, but powerful. The point is no wider than a safety-pin, but the interlocked grip of your fingers around its heavy handle, combined with the unforgiving firmness of the welded blade provide ample opportunity to pierce through with minimalContinue reading “Enduring Hell”