There’s Nothing Wrong With You.

About twenty years ago, I shut myself indoors for several months, and avoided contact with as many people as possible. Except, there wasn’t a viral pandemic going on back then. I was going through an internal depression. I never thought that anyone else could possibly understand what I was feeling. So I never said aContinue reading “There’s Nothing Wrong With You.”

It’s Scary To Show Your Work To People Who Might Care

Would you believe that one of the scariest things for me to do was to take a post that I wrote the other day, and post it in a private depression group on Facebook? I’ve been posting here on my own blog for 1 & 1/2 years, mostly about that very topic. So, why wouldContinue reading “It’s Scary To Show Your Work To People Who Might Care”

Finding A Solution

I went from being the most ‘stuck’ a person could possibly be, to finding a solution to every obstacle that comes my way. How did I do that? Let’s start by working backwards. Let’s say you have a problem that has no apparent solution, no possible way forward that you can think of. You’re ready to give up.Continue reading “Finding A Solution”

Numb Your Pain Without Alcohol

You feel the pressure, but you never let anyone see it. It starts to come out in other ways, no matter how hard you hold back. One of the things I turned to was alcohol. It provides a temporary relief from the pain, but what I didn’t realize that it was making the pain worse.Continue reading “Numb Your Pain Without Alcohol”

There Are Many People Who’ve Been Where You Are

I am not the only person who can talk to you about it. Actually, there are many of us. Did you know that Tim Gunn has been where you are? Here are his closing comments from that interview: “I want anyone listening, in hearing the story about my troubled adolescence, I hope it was clearContinue reading “There Are Many People Who’ve Been Where You Are”

How To Become Powerful

Something was eating away at me every day, but I told myself I would rather die than talk about it. It took strength to conceal my feelings for ten years. Except, that strength almost killed me, because the path I chose was doomed. I could not see how to change course. I could not see that it wouldContinue reading “How To Become Powerful”

How To Create Your Dream Job

There’s something that you can do in a way that nobody else can. It might take some time to craft that skill; to develop it & become recognized as an authority. The place to start is by doing something that helps someone else. Do it for free if you have to at first. Get 2Continue reading “How To Create Your Dream Job”

1 Thing To Know About Hurting Loved Ones

I felt that what I was doing was deeply wrong, which only made it worse. I couldn’t see that there was a simple way out, which was to speak. When I finally started to listen, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that I had deeply hurt many people that loved me.Continue reading “1 Thing To Know About Hurting Loved Ones”

How To Get Rid Of Troublesome Thoughts

They won’t go away because they only happen once or twice each day. They won’t go away because you read books for hours. They won’t go away when you’re hanging out with your friends. They won’t go away if you drink a little bit. They won’t go away if you drink a lot. They won’tContinue reading “How To Get Rid Of Troublesome Thoughts”