10 Ways To Invest In Your Body

Drink a cold glass of water with fresh lemon as soon as you wake up. Try a bodyweight exercise regimen – no gym required. Never drink alcohol during the workweek. Walk for 20 minutes at least 3 days per week. Eat 1 salad per day. Try yoga, even at home. Try your coffee without any sugarContinue reading “10 Ways To Invest In Your Body”

Why ‘Too Busy’ Is Costing You Money

Consider the opportunity cost of ‘not having the time’ to start a creative project, outside of your day job. Let’s say you want to learn HTML. If you spend fifteen minutes a day on Code Academy, you’ll be able to code something really cool by the end of the year, if not sooner. That’s being conservative.Continue reading “Why ‘Too Busy’ Is Costing You Money”

Are You Mentally Well?

If you’ve never taken a minute to ask yourself that question, think about it now. Are you as mentally well as you could be? If you’re not sure, skip the definition and make time to talk with someone about it. I can’t think of any good reason why you should go through life being uncertainContinue reading “Are You Mentally Well?”

What Are The Pros Of Your Mental Illness?

I’ll start by listing my own answers to this interesting question. These three come to mind: Naturally being highly self-critical drives me. It drives me to perform well in school, business, and life. You could say that I am a perfectionist. I hold myself to very high standards. Some would say, those standards are unreasonable.Continue reading “What Are The Pros Of Your Mental Illness?”

Early Outpatient Treatment Prevents Tragedies

It’s not the only reason I am here today, but one of the indisputable reasons for my current existence is money. If my family could not have afforded to send me to a private, inpatient mental illness facility so many years ago, I probably would have remained in the public county system. I honestly cannotContinue reading “Early Outpatient Treatment Prevents Tragedies”

You Have to Ask for Help

The other day I wrote a post titled ‘Enduring Hell.’ You might wonder, what ‘Hell?’ Indeed, in no way have I suffered the smallest fraction of what many others have. This is not about comparing stories. It’s about telling stories. It does not matter if your Hell is inside your brain, but Elizabeth Smart’s wasContinue reading “You Have to Ask for Help”

An Excerpt For You

I promised that you would be the first to receive free copies of longer works which I am constructing. As that unfolds, I have an excerpt for you today. The work is far from unfinished; it’s untitled, unedited, and perhaps 25% complete. I welcome all feedback (good and bad.) Thank you for reading my blogContinue reading “An Excerpt For You”