Old Habits Are Hard To Break

Recently I almost burned my kitchen (possibly house) down by comitting one of the most common mistakes that causes in-home fires: I left an oven mitt near the hot stovetop. The mitt fell off it’s nearby perch, onto the burner, and went up. Luckily I was close by and got it right into the sink.Continue reading “Old Habits Are Hard To Break”

What’s the Best You Can Do Today?

I’ve talked about morning routines before, but, today I hope to offer a bit of a different spin on it for you. A strong morning routine makes for a strong person. There’s no doubt about that. I chose the word ‘strong’, but, for you, that could be a more relaxed version. For example, perhaps yourContinue reading “What’s the Best You Can Do Today?”

The Day 1 Cup of Coffee Was Too Many

For a year or two, I was averaging 5 cups per day, with some days being as high as 8 or 10 cups. Recently, I’ve been lowering that number down to 3, 2, or even 1 cup. It turns out that my body is quite sensitive to caffeine. Yesterday I couldn’t even finish my firstContinue reading “The Day 1 Cup of Coffee Was Too Many”