Responding To Anonymous Posts Indicating Self-Harm

I mentioned yesterday that picking up the phone to call someone you know is the best first course of action. What should you do when someone you know ‘online’ – but you don’t know their real name – indicates imminent self-harm? We’re getting into a subset of people here (bloggers, message board members, etc.) thatContinue reading “Responding To Anonymous Posts Indicating Self-Harm”

The 1st Thing You Should Do After Reading Suicidal Social Media

¬†Why do you need to think about this stuff? You’re probably not a person who is about to commit suicide. You’re probably not a therapist or trained professional in dealing with suicide. You probably don’t drive past a potential suicide attempt every day on the way to work. You could just call 911, or DuckDuckGoContinue reading “The 1st Thing You Should Do After Reading Suicidal Social Media”

Which Medium Deserves Your Attention?

“The only factor becoming scarce in a world of abundance is human attention.” – Kevin Kelly, New Rules for the New Economy Writing in 1999, Kevin Kelly’s work was prophetic. He all but predicted the rise of Google, Facebook, and so many other behemoths that came to permeate our day. It’s still fascinating – andContinue reading “Which Medium Deserves Your Attention?”