Gluten Free Q&A: 43 Simple Words About Going Gluten-Free

There’s an overabundance of gluten-free information out there. More books, blogs, recipes, products, and top-ten lists than you could possibly ever read. So I’m going to break it down for you very simply right here: Gluten could be source of pain for you. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can. You don’t haveContinue reading “Gluten Free Q&A: 43 Simple Words About Going Gluten-Free”

Gluten-Free Q & A: “I Think I May Need To Try This?”

I guess I’ve been gluten-free for so long that I sometimes forget: you may just first be coming around to this question today. And that’s OK. Let’s keep it really simple. Something you heard somewhere, or something you felt, prompted you to ask this question. To wonder, ‘is gluten bad for me?’ The only wayContinue reading “Gluten-Free Q & A: “I Think I May Need To Try This?””

Gluten-Free Q & A: “Do I Miss Gluten?”

My favorite foods from childhood through my twenties were bread, pasta, and pizza. I often ate entire pies of pizza on my own. I always ate the entire box of pasta, which, usually serves 4 or 8 people. I worked in several Bagel Bosses; bagels were like cookies for me. In college, we had PokeyContinue reading “Gluten-Free Q & A: “Do I Miss Gluten?””

Gluten-Free Q & A: What Do I Eat At Parties?

Whole, unprocessed foods. Generally, this works out very well. It’s simple and easy. It’s almost always being served. I don’t need a bun on my burger. You don’t have to cook anything special for me. If it’s a pizza party, I’m not going to starve. I’ve probably eaten some nuts beforehand, and, if there isContinue reading “Gluten-Free Q & A: What Do I Eat At Parties?”

Gluten Free Q&A: ‘Gluten-Free’ Does Not Mean ‘Healthy’.

I haven’t eaten gluten since 2010. I also do a lot of business with gluten-free bakeries and food manufacturers. So you can trust me when I tell you that ‘gluten-free’ does not mean ‘healthy’. Gluten-free means that the product does not contain any wheat, barley, or rye. The product may, or may not, be goodContinue reading “Gluten Free Q&A: ‘Gluten-Free’ Does Not Mean ‘Healthy’.”