I stumbled across a Twitter account called @Anti-Disney. Its existence doesn’t surprise me; many people hate large corporations and take to the internet to attack them. I advocate listening on this blog; I believe it’s the only way forward. So I began reading @Anti-Disney’s tweets to see what might be so bad about Disney. DisclosureContinue reading “@Anti-Disney”

The Quickest Way To Ruin Your Day

Get one more word in with your partner. Some mornings start with a disagreement. There is a point of diminishing returns on words spoken. It’s approximately two minutes into the conversation. After that, it’s not a conversation. It’s an argument. At that point, nothing you say matters. You won’t be able to ‘prove you areContinue reading “The Quickest Way To Ruin Your Day”

Hiding In Plain Sight

I used to find inconspicuous spots to park my car so that I could ‘hide in plain sight’. The idea was to blend in without attracting direct attention. One example would be the upper deck of a mall parking lot, where there is less foot traffic but not completely abandoned. Another might be the outContinue reading “Hiding In Plain Sight”

So They Can Sleep

I noticed a missed call to my cellphone from a client on Sunday afternoon, but no voicemail. I’ve made significant increases in both work productivity, and general happiness recently. Sunday, we are closed, and I don’t monitor my email. So when the phone rings, especially from a client who rarely uses my cellphone number, it’s probablyContinue reading “So They Can Sleep”

Facing Holiday Fears

I used to dread Thanksgiving and Christmas, because it meant that I had to face my family, who I had been lying to all year. There was no ‘getting out’ of coming home for the holidays. I remember sitting at the table, not really being present though, counting the minutes down until it was over,Continue reading “Facing Holiday Fears”

Elements Of Recovery

Elements Of Recovery: A Simplified Diagram   This is a slightly more in-depth follow-up to yesterday’s post on ‘resolve’ and more specifically, a question posed by Matthew Brun: What works for you now? Yes it’s true that I have not been depressed for a long time. Yes it’s true that I have repeatedly posted thatContinue reading “Elements Of Recovery”

Is Telling A Story Worth Causing Pain?

Last Sunday Ken Budd published a great article on writing memoirs in the NY Times. Writing a memoir is a selfish act. For the memoir to work, to truly be alive, the honesty of the writing must outweigh the feelings of your subjects. As the central figure, you have to write what scares you: theContinue reading “Is Telling A Story Worth Causing Pain?”

Write Your Own Thanksgiving Story

The most frequent combination of words that I speak on a daily basis might be ‘Thank You’ and its variations. I often take pause to reflect on moments that I am thankful for on a daily basis. For example: when my wife is nervous about what’s taking so long at the supermarket, when my kidsContinue reading “Write Your Own Thanksgiving Story”

This Is Not An Apology

I hurt people. I hurt people close to me; my parents, my sister, my family & friends. People who truly loved me. People who worried sick about me when I stole away, without warning or word, for days. I lied. I lied a lot. There are other things I did too, stories for another time. BackContinue reading “This Is Not An Apology”