You’ll Fail The Course. Now What?

There comes a point when you’ve skipped so many classes that you are definitely going to fail the course. At that point, you usually still have the option to withdraw from the class and take a ‘W’ which, isn’t great, but, it’s not a zero factored into your GPA. However you actually have to getContinue reading “You’ll Fail The Course. Now What?”

Finding Purpose

I don’t think we have just one purpose in life. I do believe we should have as much as possible. At my worst, I felt zero purpose. I didn’t believe that one existed for me. (That was not true.) We perform our best when doing something with purpose. The most obvious example would be ‘for family’. But weContinue reading “Finding Purpose”

Just … Go.

People used to just go. Pursuing your dreams is a trending topic today, but, it’s not new. Perhaps it’s simply that we’ve moved too far away from our freedom. Bobby Womack’s father was a preacher who kicked him out of the house at age sixteen. He didn’t want Bobby to sing R&B, instead of Gospel.Continue reading “Just … Go.”

How To Make Friends With Failure

I want to share something with you which I’ve learned from more four-hundred consecutive daily posts on this blog. Many friends and family asked me, in different ways, ‘Why? Why do you blog? How many people are reading it? Who is reading it? What is the purpose? What is the end game?’ In over oneContinue reading “How To Make Friends With Failure”

Don’t Ever Stop Publishing

When someone ‘likes’ a post on my blog, it has real meaning for me. I am not a ‘numbers’ guy – I hardly ever check my stats. Scott Berkun interestingly describes the process by which the WordPress ‘like’ function developed into what it is today in this fascinating book. The point is, he and hisContinue reading “Don’t Ever Stop Publishing”

The Flip-Side Of Depression

I’ve written extensively that trying to hold back your thoughts and emotions can lead to depression. First comes helplessness. Then hopelessness. Finally, despair. At that point, you’re probably in a depression and, suicide is the unfortunately common response to the problem. There’s a flip-side to that path. We are emotional beings. Emotions work in both directions.Continue reading “The Flip-Side Of Depression”

Talking About Depression Scares Me

The other day I almost slipped and said ‘depression’ in front of my two-year-old son. ‘Depression’ is far from a curse word in my mind; it’s tagged in almost every post on this blog. Nonetheless I stopped myself from saying it, and my son is not even old enough to ask me what the meaning ofContinue reading “Talking About Depression Scares Me”

What Happens When You Confront A Depressed Person?

Once, I had a friend whom I thought was at risk for suicide. This was before I started blogging, but, after I had gone through my own situation. So I knew about the warning signs, but, I didn’t have any practice speaking about them. Thoughts crept in that held me back from speaking up. What ifContinue reading “What Happens When You Confront A Depressed Person?”