It Takes Energy To Make Energy

I put a lot of energy into my energy. To be more specific, I had this thought as I was getting ready for bed one recent evening. This process, getting ready for bed, begins for me the moment I wake up. Or, perhaps it would be better to say that there is no fixed startContinue reading “It Takes Energy To Make Energy”

How Do I Have So Much Energy?

Well, there are a few things going on here. I’ll list them in no particular order. I go to bed early. I eat food, not things that masquerade as food. I practice vigorous exercise regularly. I practice intentional stillness daily. I ground myself (literally, connect my body with the Earth) every day. I drink appropriateContinue reading “How Do I Have So Much Energy?”

Tapping Into Energy

I get asked a lot about energy. “How can I have more energy?”, or, “Some days I just don’t have any energy. What do I do?” It’s important here to separate energy and motivation, which are not the same thing. We can talk about motivation in another post. What is energy? Standard definitions include “yourContinue reading “Tapping Into Energy”

#2 Tip For Feeling Like A Race-Car

Yesterday I mentioned that taking a day to recharge is important to maintain and increase your energy levels. No one can go full speed, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Here’s tip #2 for increasing your energy levels: invest in high-quality foods. Essentially, invest in yourself, when you shop. If you eat aContinue reading “#2 Tip For Feeling Like A Race-Car”

On Having A Little Bit More Energy

You’ve told me that “I wish I had a little more energy.” The key is ‘little’. Are you doing the little things to support that? Even better, are you not doing the little things that drain it? Having a little more energy doesn’t mean that you need to make wholesale change right now. You canContinue reading “On Having A Little Bit More Energy”