Are you working against yourself?

“It takes work to create the life you want. It also takes work to create the life you don’t want.” – Paul Chek, Living 4D Podcast Episode #183. While listening to that entire 2-hour episode may not be for you, awareness of this one little gem holds the potential to produce a huge shift inContinue reading “Are you working against yourself?”

Are You Clear About Your Dreams?

It is very important to get clear on your dreams. When you do, they usually come true. In fact, when you’re not consciously clear of your dream, then, you probably are, unconsciously. In that case, your dream will probably still come true, but it might be the dream of your shadow, or your nightmare –Continue reading “Are You Clear About Your Dreams?”

Breaking Cyclical Violent Thoughts

The Problem Twenty years ago, while sitting in junior-high & high school, I brain-murdered a lot of people. Recurring, violent daydreams were a big problem for me. Ten years ago, I started rebuilding my brain through therapy. Five years ago was the last time I saw a therapist. The two main reasons: I’ve learned muchContinue reading “Breaking Cyclical Violent Thoughts”


I stumbled across a Twitter account called @Anti-Disney. Its existence doesn’t surprise me; many people hate large corporations and take to the internet to attack them. I advocate listening on this blog; I believe it’s the only way forward. So I began reading @Anti-Disney’s tweets to see what might be so bad about Disney. DisclosureContinue reading “@Anti-Disney”