Sculpting Your Message Takes Time

I started with the premise that I was thankful to be alive, and that I should blog about it every day. That is still true, but 482 posts later, I’ve learned that my message contains more than that. It’s not fully articulated yet, but, I feel it getting closer. It’s as if I have beenContinue reading “Sculpting Your Message Takes Time”

You Can Find Joy For The Whole Week In 1 Hour

I don’t know how much money I’ll be able to raise to fight hunger. Will it be a drop in the bucket? Perhaps. Will lots of children starve to death while I sit at my computer, studying marketing & copyediting, trying to boost sales? Yes. I do know that trying something, even if it fails,Continue reading “You Can Find Joy For The Whole Week In 1 Hour”

How To Turn Guilt Around

We all have to deal with guilt.  One thing that I always felt guilty about was being privileged. I recall seeing a beggar for the first time and thinking, ‘Why is he there, and I here?’ That feeling stayed with me. It stayed with me when I met other kids who couldn’t afford new sneakers,Continue reading “How To Turn Guilt Around”

Why ‘Too Busy’ Is Costing You Money

Consider the opportunity cost of ‘not having the time’ to start a creative project, outside of your day job. Let’s say you want to learn HTML. If you spend fifteen minutes a day on Code Academy, you’ll be able to code something really cool by the end of the year, if not sooner. That’s being conservative.Continue reading “Why ‘Too Busy’ Is Costing You Money”

How Much Are You Worth?

It’s not often that you have to define, in dollars, how much you are worth. How do assess your value? I hesitate to put a numerical value on any person, but, when negotiating for a salary, that’s what you have to do. I think it’s a useful exercise to work through even if you are notContinue reading “How Much Are You Worth?”

You’re the CEO. Now What?

If you were starting a company tomorrow, what would your role be? What is your area of greatest potential? One person cannot do everything – believe me, I’ve tried. You must be smart enough to delegate certain roles to people who are smarter than you. Back to you. You might quickly know that you’d needContinue reading “You’re the CEO. Now What?”

Hate Could Be Your Best Business Idea

If you hate the way a company does business, you could take to the internet, create a Twitter account, Facebook page, review site, blog or other website and start bashing it. Or you could create a better option and offer it to people. If there really is a void in the market, or something thatContinue reading “Hate Could Be Your Best Business Idea”

Time Changes Nothing

Save perhaps a terrible hangover, you don’t feel any different when you wake up on January 1st versus the previous morning. Why? Calendars, being man-made, serve as common points of reference, but they are not real. They are perceived. Except, we’ve become hyper-focused on calendars and clocks. Everything hinges on the quarterly numbers. Deadlines mustContinue reading “Time Changes Nothing”

The Mission Of ‘Fried’s Blog’ Is:

I blog so that you can become stronger through vulnerability. I created Fried’s Blog to expose fears which hold us back from being our best. Two sentences. Simple. No big deal, right? Well, it took me more than 200 days to figure it out. For the life of me, I could not answer the question ‘What isContinue reading “The Mission Of ‘Fried’s Blog’ Is:”