Where Do Cravings Come From?

My cravings for coffee are so strong sometimes that it feels like the cafe is magnetically pulling my car towards the parking lot. Deepening your awareness of cravings is a skill which you can build. I thought we could have fun with this personal example today. I have a hunch that a few of youContinue reading “Where Do Cravings Come From?”

Cravings Are Not Bad

Cravings are not bad. This may seem counterintuitive. Usually, your inner monologue around cravings go something like this: “I feel a craving for _____. I eventually can’t resist and go find some _____ and eat it. Then, I feel guilty about it afterwards.” So there is this built-in negativity, this cycle of shame surrounding everyContinue reading “Cravings Are Not Bad”

How Are Emotions & Eating Woven Together?

What you eat, and how you feel, are interwoven. And because a weave goes over, then under, then over, then under, and continues, it cycles: how you feel is interwoven with what you eat. To give this truth a tangible feel: if you put something in your mouth, like lettuce, it might actually make youContinue reading “How Are Emotions & Eating Woven Together?”