Talk To The People Who Are Ready To Listen

“How dare he think that I should just snap out of it?” “People need to be more aware of the reality of depression and suicide.” Frustration with the lack of empathy might be solved by … more empathy. Consider this: When confronted with the reality that a friend felt like jumping off of a bridge, most peopleContinue reading “Talk To The People Who Are Ready To Listen”

You Can’t Just Wake Up And Beat Depression Today.

“The will to win is not nearly at important as the will to prepare to win.” – attributed to Bobby Knight, John Wooden, & Vince Lombardi; exact source unknown. If you’re not familiar with Ross Tucker, he’s an NFL expert who hosts a popular podcast, among other things. He’s a smart & funny guy withContinue reading “You Can’t Just Wake Up And Beat Depression Today.”

Become Unstuck With This 10 Minute Daily Practice

Something bothers you, but you aren’t sure how to fix it, so you feel stuck. Start writing down ideas. Ten per day, exactly. They can be ideas on anything. It doesn’t matter what. The daily practice comes from James Altucher and it, along with his books & podcasts, have changed my life. They’re not allContinue reading “Become Unstuck With This 10 Minute Daily Practice”

How To Become Powerful

Something was eating away at me every day, but I told myself I would rather die than talk about it. It took strength to conceal my feelings for ten years. Except, that strength almost killed me, because the path I chose was doomed. I could not see how to change course. I could not see that it wouldContinue reading “How To Become Powerful”

The 1 Thing That Is Not Myth

Lots of people say that religion is myth. I have definitely said it before. It’s easy to say, ‘Aha! That book you’re reading is 5,000 years old and it’s got ridiculous stories in it that couldn’t possibly be true!’ I’m not so quick to pull the trigger on that statement anymore. For about thirty years,Continue reading “The 1 Thing That Is Not Myth”

Its Your Right To Be Happy

I don’t believe that pretending is a part of happiness, but also I don’t believe that you ever have to pretend. When pretend how we’re really feeling, or how much money we’re making, or how advanced our child is, or that our wife didn’t commit suicide; we are merely putting on a ‘happy’ face. Every timeContinue reading “Its Your Right To Be Happy”

Don’t Ever Stop Publishing

When someone ‘likes’ a post on my blog, it has real meaning for me. I am not a ‘numbers’ guy – I hardly ever check my stats. Scott Berkun interestingly describes the process by which the WordPress ‘like’ function developed into what it is today in this fascinating book. The point is, he and hisContinue reading “Don’t Ever Stop Publishing”

Why You Should Fight For Your Emotions

What Is The Absence Of Emotion? How angry does that inconsiderate driver make you? How about your boss? How about that person who mugged your sister? Emotions are difficult to define because they exist on a spectrum. The spectrum runs from zero (or, almost zero) to infinity. Imagine a depressed person on the far leftContinue reading “Why You Should Fight For Your Emotions”

How To Lift The Blackness

If you have fallen into an emotionless abyss, it is a deep, black, void from which you probably believe you will never escape. But I believe that is not who you are. You are a feeling being who is incapable of emotion right now. You will not exist in that state forever. The question is, how?Continue reading “How To Lift The Blackness”

Why Would Someone Commit Suicide?

The Conventional Answer I am in a unique position to answer this question, because, I tried it. I could tell you that I had low levels of serotonin. I could tell you that I was depressed. I could tell you that I become worse with drugs & alcohol. I could tell you that I developed horribleContinue reading “Why Would Someone Commit Suicide?”