Cooking Zen

One of my favorite types of ‘walking Zen’, to build on yesterday’s post, is spending time in the kitchen, cooking. Yes: if you are practicing connection to the current moment while cooking, then that is a form of meditation. Some of you may have experienced this already, most likely without trying hard to do so.Continue reading “Cooking Zen”

Cooking For The Week

Often, while I’m cooking breakfast, I cook additional ingredients to be used for lunch or dinner. For the week. My oven has two racks. Why not use them both, if I’m already using one? (Yours may have more!) I’m already going to be washing dishes, pots, & pans. Why was more later or tomorrow, separately,Continue reading “Cooking For The Week”

Cooking Tips: Smoothies In Advance

This is part cooking tip, part workout tip. For the last year or two, I’ve been making my smoothie the night before a training session. It’s not true that you have to make it right before you workout. A few advantages to this: It saves time right before your session, which is probably either earlyContinue reading “Cooking Tips: Smoothies In Advance”

Cooking Tips: Vegetable Scraps

As you may know, I sometimes offer cooking tips on Sundays, mostly because I like to do my own ‘batch’ cooking for the whole week to come on Sunday. Something that’s been working really well for me over the last few months has been freezing all of my sturdy vegetable scraps. I’m talking about: carrotContinue reading “Cooking Tips: Vegetable Scraps”

Cooking Tips: Bone Broth

My favorite piece of food from this year’s Thanksgiving dinner was the one I didn’t eat … yet. It’s the huge carcass of bones that I kept after carving the ten pound turkey. I purposely left significant chunks of meat, skin, fat, and cartilage on it. There was more than enough carved meat to feedContinue reading “Cooking Tips: Bone Broth”

Cooking Tips: Roasting a Chicken

Once, back would only cook eggs and pasta, I was afraid to do this. It turns out that this is one of the easiest things to do, and it has several benefits. It’s cheap. They sell an Organic family pack of chicken, split (meaning, cut up into pieces) at Trader Joe’s for about $11, dependingContinue reading “Cooking Tips: Roasting a Chicken”

Cooking Tips: Roasted Vegetables for Dummies

You’re a busy guy. You work hard. You train hard. You like to spend time with your family, rest, and watch football on the weekends. You probably don’t have a lot of time to cook. Definitely not during the week. Roasting vegetables is a simple, very low-hassle method by which you can elevate your nutritionContinue reading “Cooking Tips: Roasted Vegetables for Dummies”

Cooking Tips: Trash The Whole Dish (Sometimes).

Sometimes, after spending an hour or more cooking, you’re going to have to throw an entire dish out. (Or, compost it.) At that point your probably not going to start it all over. Most likely you’re going to eat something simple as a substitute, like a can of tuna, a quick pasta, or sandwich. (Or,Continue reading “Cooking Tips: Trash The Whole Dish (Sometimes).”

Cooking Tips: Scraps

Save the bones of any animal meat that you eat, along with the scraps and trimmings of all vegetables. Put them in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and stick them in your freezer. When two or three bags are full, you’re ready to turn your scraps into a nutritional party. Your body will thank you. TakeContinue reading “Cooking Tips: Scraps”