Notification Anxiety

About two weeks ago, got fed up with the number of inbound notifications I was getting via text message on my phone. So I turned off all message notifications for texts. Guess what happened? The world did not end. I have not missed an important text message. Whenever I want to look at my phoneContinue reading “Notification Anxiety”

Physical Connection

You are desperately needed right now, because you remember. If you grew up in or before the 80’s, then you remember what it was like before the internet; before our definition of connection started to change rapidly. Your kids need you. Your friends kids’ need you. Your students & younger co-workers need you. The differenceContinue reading “Physical Connection”

The Lifeblood of Humanity

The main reason that we survived as a species, and surpassed other animals on the planet, was connection. If we hadn’t figured out how to connect, and work together, our fate would not have been any different than that of our cousins, such as Neanderthals. Theirs was a fate of extinction. Today, when you readContinue reading “The Lifeblood of Humanity”

The Answer To What People Want

Every single interaction with each person that I cross paths is an opportunity to learn something. Sorry, I’ve been on a listening binge lately. It’s addictive. Whether it’s a business meeting, a random person at the checkout, or cold call, there is something to gain. You might simply leave a good feeling for future meeting, orContinue reading “The Answer To What People Want”

Don’t Ever Stop Publishing

When someone ‘likes’ a post on my blog, it has real meaning for me. I am not a ‘numbers’ guy – I hardly ever check my stats. Scott Berkun interestingly describes the process by which the WordPress ‘like’ function developed into what it is today in this fascinating book. The point is, he and hisContinue reading “Don’t Ever Stop Publishing”

An Easy Way To Be Thankful

The other day a woman said this to me without speaking it: “I don’t really understand what it is that gives us life. I don’t really comprehend how it is that I am standing here today. I have a family, they are alive & healthy. I am alive & healthy. I have this job, whichContinue reading “An Easy Way To Be Thankful”

How To Stop Missing Your Own Life

It’s easier than ever before to miss your life. How many things pull for your attention every day? Mindfulness means, if you are eating, just eat. If you are talking with someone, really listen. Be present, one-hundred percent, in every single thing that you do. Constantly reminding myself that I am lucky to be hereContinue reading “How To Stop Missing Your Own Life”