A Valentine’s Day Business Love Story

Once I picked up a new client that was really sweet, bought lots of products from me, and paid on delivery every time. In a business sense, I was in love. In the first six months, there was nothing we wouldn’t do for one another. I took her out for drinks and we spent hoursContinue reading “A Valentine’s Day Business Love Story”

How To Lose A Client via Email

I just drafted an emotional email to a client, then quickly decided to place it in the trash. I made several points, which I was probably right about. I worded it very positively. But how were they going to feel about it? They were going to feel like they did something wrong. That’s not whatContinue reading “How To Lose A Client via Email”

Customers Don’t Need Flowers

They need a human response. You’d think that a human response is one of the simplest things to give in the field of customer service. It doesn’t have to be accompanied by a bouquet of flowers, a detailed graph, or even a smile. It does, however, have to be given. No response at all burnsContinue reading “Customers Don’t Need Flowers”

Would You Fire Your Biggest Client?

Would you fire your biggest client? I think the answer should be ‘yes’ if the situation warrants it. By that I mean, if the client is attempting to steer your business in an unhealthy direction. Perhaps they’re taking up too much of your money, time, effort, sanity … whatever the case may be but theContinue reading “Would You Fire Your Biggest Client?”

When Is A Mistake Also Perfect?

The other day I blurted a curse while talking to a client, and in that moment our relationship welded solid. My spouts of profanity are usually self-directed; they’re rarely part of a conversation with a client. The last, and perhaps only, time a client overheard me swearing, they stopped being a client. (That’s a storyContinue reading “When Is A Mistake Also Perfect?”