The ‘No Option’ Myth

Everyone knows that they could kill themselves. Some of us struggle often with the thought of actually doing it. Why is this a problem for some and not others? As someone who struggled with that thought and survived, and who has read many stories of others, I propose simply that: The person believes they haveContinue reading “The ‘No Option’ Myth”

How To Beat Deadlines Before They Beat You

3:00 PM I start to get really cranky if I haven’t written the upcoming day’s blog post yet. (That’s when I leave my desk at the office.) 4:30 PM Sometimes I’m able to write (via dictation) on my way home, but once I’m home, it’s family time. 5:45 PM There is no way to sitContinue reading “How To Beat Deadlines Before They Beat You”

How To Find Beauty In Your Death

One Day, You Will Die. You are born with one limitation. One day you will die. I’d like you to think about how beautiful that is. Death is the only thing that will definitely happen to you for the rest of your life. Nothing else that happens is guaranteed: not love, taxes, or even growingContinue reading “How To Find Beauty In Your Death”