Become Unstuck With This 10 Minute Daily Practice

Something bothers you, but you aren’t sure how to fix it, so you feel stuck. Start writing down ideas. Ten per day, exactly. They can be ideas on anything. It doesn’t matter what. The daily practice comes from James Altucher and it, along with his books & podcasts, have changed my life. They’re not allContinue reading “Become Unstuck With This 10 Minute Daily Practice”

Fear Of Freedom

I grew up as the fourth generation member of a family business, but my family hoped I would do … anything different. I had no idea what I wanted to do. Many of my peers were the same way; not sure what we would become. Why? I think perhaps one element is that we, orContinue reading “Fear Of Freedom”

Write Your Own Thanksgiving Story

The most frequent combination of words that I speak on a daily basis might be ‘Thank You’ and its variations. I often take pause to reflect on moments that I am thankful for on a daily basis. For example: when my wife is nervous about what’s taking so long at the supermarket, when my kidsContinue reading “Write Your Own Thanksgiving Story”

How To Achieve World Peace (Or, Anything)

I want to dive a little deeper into the paralysis I mentioned yesterday. I often think about non-violence, and ways which we can achieve peace, domestically and internationally. Without fail, my chain of thought drifts towards the ominous places where the scope of suffering seems insurmountable. The scope of world peace is insurmountable for meContinue reading “How To Achieve World Peace (Or, Anything)”

I don’t want a ‘daddy’.

I don’t want someone to pay me to write. I want to write something good enough that someone wants to pay for it. (Or at least, wants to read it.) I noticed that the phrase “a word from our sponsors” translated into Spanish reads “una palabra de nuestros patrocinadores.” ‘Patrocinadore’ made me think of ‘father’ becauseContinue reading “I don’t want a ‘daddy’.”

Giving: A redaction.

I recently insinuated that instead of attaching my name to a charitable contribution, I might just as well wrap it in paper that reads “I’M AWESOME.” Have I done more harm than good with my suggestion? It was immediately put to the test, when I became interested in a few IndieGogo & Kickstarter campaigns. Projects with perks,Continue reading “Giving: A redaction.”

Ask him.

What sets me apart from a filthy, putrid, man sleeping under a piece of cardboard on 47th Street? Each scenario can be boiled down to ‘not that much.’ A breakdown (mental, economic, physical, spiritual) would only happen to me under extreme circumstances. Then, I have to allow him the same possibility. Therefore, I should lift him up.Continue reading “Ask him.”